Hugo Ramirez (ウーゴ・ラミレス, ūgo ramiresu) is the captain of Olympic Mexico and plays as an attacking midfielder. He wears the number "10" jersey.


Being 33 years old, Hugo Ramirez is one of the three overage players of Olympic Mexico, along with Manatis and Salas. He now plays in a Mexican team, but it's mentioned that in his youth he played for many European important clubs, although none is mentioned by name. It is not mentioned if he is still a player of the Mexico national team.

Rising Sun arcEdit

Ramirez confronted Tsubasa Ozora before the start of the match between Olympic Mexico and Olympic Japan at Estadio Azteca, in Mexico. Jito and Ishizaki realize that the whole Estadio Azteca cheers for Hugo Ramirez, noting how loved he is among Mexicans. When he and Tsubasa shook hands, Ramirez did it very strongly, with Tsubasa flinching from the pain. Ramirez stated that he only did that because that is a custom in Mexico, but smirked as he walked away. When the match started, he was dribbled by the Japanese Golden Combi. Later on, he managed to send a good pass to Salas, however it was stopped by Wakabayashi, who anticipated it.


He is based on famous Mexican footballer Hugo Sanchez.

Techniques Edit

  • Swift Interception: This technique relies on the player's natural reflexes and agility. He moves swiftly, intercepting incoming passes.
  • Through Pass: After some quick dribbling, he sends off an accurate pass through the opponents' defence.

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