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AC Milar Juniores redirects here. For its manga counterpart, see AC Milan Juniores. For the professional club, see AC Milan.

AC Milar Juniores (ACミラルユニオーレス) is an anime-exclusive team for Captain Tsubasa J: Get in the Tomorrow and the Captain Tsubasa J anime continuity.


AC Milar Juniores first appeared in the 1994 anime episode 37 "Lonely Special Training" and is exclusive to the game titled Captain Tsubasa J: Get in the Tomorrow.


In the Captain Tsubasa J anime, its name was changed to "AC Milar" (or ACM, as seen in a stadium scoreboard in the match against Interna), due to author rights, and the jersey was changed from a striped one to a plain red with some black accents.



  • Captain Tsubasa J anime & Get in the Tomorrow: Red shirt with black collar and cuffs, white shorts and red socks with black stripe. The goalkeeper wears a yellow shirt with black collar, black cuffs, black shorts and black socks.
  • In Get in the Tomorrow cinematics and artworks, however, Milar wear a red and black striped shirt, simar to the one worn by its real-world counterpart. The goalkeeper wears a green shirt with black polo collar, black chest and yellow shoulders and sleeves, with black shorts and yellow socks. These uniforms can also be seen in the team selection screen.


Milan Juniores Derby Finals[]


No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Maluta Malurbo Italy
2 DF Piero Mani Italy
3 DF Filippo Batten Italy
4 DF Romano Bagatti Italy
5 DF Guglielmo Schidolf Italy
6 MF Margherita Delbone Italy
7 MF Niccolo Feva Italy
8 MF Pio Eranio Italy
9 MF Simeone Toranto Italy
10 FW Teobaldo Contine Captain Italy
11 FW Tomaso Ieddini Italy
12 FW Samuele Lottini Italy
13 FW Stefano Apai Italy
14 MF Timoteo Malari Italy
15 GK Paolo Sauccio Italy



  • While the first goal was scored to Hernandez due to a PK because of a hand foul from Interna's player number 9, in Get in the Tomorrow this was just a normal goal from a Milar's forward.