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AS Roma redirects here. For its Tecmo counterpart, see AS Roma Youth (Tecmo).

Associazione Sportiva Roma (ASローマ), commonly referred to as simply Roma, is a professional Italian football club from Rome, Lazio.


The team is mentioned in Road to 2002 ch. 64 "The Coach's Real Intention".


Current players[]

No. Pos. Player Nationality
8 MF Hidetoshi Nakata [1] Japan
10 MF Francesco Totti [1] Italy
FW Baristuta Argentina
  • Former Head coach : Carloppe Italy [2]


  1. 1.0 1.1 As Nozaki didn't specifically mention their name, it is unknown if these are the actual Totti and Nakata or Captain Tsubasa counterparts of theirs.
  2. the Former coach of Roma is mentioned in Road to 2002 ch. 72 "To The Promised Place".