For its counterparts, see All Japan Jr. Youth (1986) and All Japan Jr. Youth (RoNC).

All Japan Jr. Youth (全日本ジュニアユース) or Japan Jr. is the U-16 selection of Japan.


This is the team which was part of the International Jr. Youth Tournament that took place during the J Boys' Challenge arc. It is the first Japanese team to compete in U-16 European and South American standards.


Home Away Keeper
Japan Jr home (DT)
Japan Jr away (DT)
Japan Jr gk (DT)


  • Home: white shirt with Japanese flag, royal blue for the collar and royal blue stripes on the sleeves, white shorts and white socks with royal blue stripes. The captain armband is white with blue horizontal stripes. This is Japan 1984 home uniform.
Japan DLC (RONC) 0

In Rise of New Champions

  • Away: blue shirt with Japanese flag, white collar with a red thin line and a white sleeve borders, blue shorts with a white wide stripe and blue socks.
  • Keeper: Green jersey, with black chest and the Japanese flag and white collar, black shorts and white socks. In Rise of New Champions, the keeper's jersey is red.
  • Keeper (2): Blue jersey with black collar and shoulders, blue arms and the Japanese flag and black pants with white stripes. This uniform is worn in the manga by Wakabayashi during the matches against France and Germany.

Shin Captain Tsubasa
The uniform is identical to the manga home and keeper versions. Wakabayashi wears a green shirt with white collar, darker green shoulders and grey blue pants with white stripes. Wakashimazu wears a red shirt with teal green chest and black pants, while Morisaki wears an orange jersey with pale yellow chest and white shorts. The captain armband is red.

1994 anime
White shirt with Japanese flag, azure collar and azure stripes on the sleeves, white shorts and white socks with azure stripes and black back number. The goalkeeper uniform is a red shirt with blue shoulders, blue round collar, white sleeves and black pants. The captain armband is yellow.

2001 anime

  • Home: blue shirt with JFA logo, white collar with a red ring, 3 white stripes on the sleeves, and white and red curves from the sleeves to the sides of the shirt, white shorts with blue stripes and blue socks. The captain armband is red with white Adidas logo. This is Japan 1999-2000 home uniform.
  • Away: white shirt with JFA logo, blue collar with a red ring, 3 blue stripes on the sleeves, and blue and red curves from the sleeves to the sides of the shirt, blue shorts with white stripes and white socks. This is Japan 1999-2000 away uniform.
  • Keeper: jet black long-sleeved jersey, with the JFA logo, the Adidas logo, and grey colors on the chest, yellow shoulder stripes, yellow round collar, with jet black shorts and white socks.

2018 anime

  • Home (ep. 29, 34): Blue shirt with blue round collar, medium blue shoulders and sleeves, dark blue rectangle-shaped panels on the sides, Japan flag as logo on the left side of the chest and red sleeve borders, white shorts and dark blue socks. The captain armband is yellow with the flag of Japan. This uniform resembles the one worn by Olympic Japan in Rising Sun.
  • Home (epilogue): Similar to Manga home (Japan 1984 home uniform).
  • Keeper: N/A

Results Edit

Japan Training camp

  • ○ Japan 3 - 1 Mihara high ●
  • ○ Japan 2 - 0 Teiwa high ●

Germany Campaign matches

  • ○ Japan 4 - 0 Amsterdam Jr. ●
  • ○ Japan 3 - 1 Belgium Jr.
Japan football logo 2017

International Jr. Youth Tournament
Group stage

Final round

  • [Semifinal] ○ Japan Jr. 4 - 4 France Jr. ● (aet, PK 5 - 4) Japan

Squad Edit

J Boys' ChallengeEdit


First, Hyuga was initially chosen to be captain, and gave up the title after the Hamburger friendlies match. Then, Hikaru Matsuyama became the captain during the Germany campaign, but later passed the mark to Tsubasa Ozora for the U-16 International tournament.

No. Pos. Player Club
1 GK Ken Wakashimazu Japan Toho Academy
21 GK Yuzo Morisaki Japan Nankatsu middle school
22 GK Genzo Wakabayashi[1] Germany Hamburger SV Jr. Youth

5 DF Hiroshi Jito Japan Hirado middle school
6 DF Shingo Takasugi Japan Nankatsu middle school
7 DF Makoto Soda Japan Azumaichi middle school
12 DF Hikaru Matsuyama Japan Furano middle school
14 DF Ryo Ishizaki Japan Nankatsu middle school

2 MF Masao Tachibana Japan Hanawa middle school
3 MF[2] Kazuo Tachibana Japan Hanawa middle school
8 MF[3] Mamoru Izawa Japan Nankatsu middle school
10 MF Tsubasa Ozora Captain Japan Nankatsu middle school
11 MF[4] Taro Misaki N/A
15 MF Takeshi Sawada Japan Toho Academy
16 MF Mitsuru Sano Japan Hirado middle school
24 MF[5] Jun Misugi Japan Musashi middle school

9 FW Kojiro Hyuga Japan Toho Academy
17 FW Hajime Taki Japan Nankatsu middle school
18 FW Shun Nitta Japan Otomo middle school
19 FW Kazuki Sorimachi Japan Toho Academy
20 FW Teppei Kisugi Japan Nankatsu middle school

Other playersEdit

These players joined the training camp, but didn't get selected.

No. Pos. Player Club
GK Masanori Kato Japan Furano middle school

MF Hideto Koike Japan Toho Academy
MF Hiromichi Hori Japan Meiwa Higashi middle school
MF Tetsuo Ishida Japan Minamiuwa middle school

FW Kazumasa Oda Japan Furano middle school
FW Kazuto Takei Japan Minamiuwa middle school
FW Noboru Sawaki Japan Meiwa Higashi middle school


Gallery Edit

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  1. Wakabayashi was not able to play in the Germany campaign as his Hamburger SV Jr. Youth contract did not allow it until the U-16 International Jr. Youth Tournament.
  2. Also played as FW.
  3. Also played as DF.
  4. Mistakenly listed as FW in 3109 Nichi Zenkiroku.
  5. Also played as DF and FW.

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