Captain Tsubasa manga has been adapted multiple times to Anime. These are all adaptations so far.

TV seriesEdit

OVA series Edit

  • Shin Captain Tsubasa (OST)
    Shin Captain Tsubasa (1989 OVA): This OVA Format covers the story following the Boys' Fight Arc into the J Boys' Challenge ("Jr. Youth arc" or "Junior Youth Hen"), where all the Japanese all-star teams ensemble together to compete in France against powerful teams.

Films Edit

  1. 07SH-1712 front
    Captain Tsubasa:The great European showdown (1985 film)
  2. Captain Tsubasa: Captain Tsubasa: Danger! All Japan Jr. (1985 film)
  3. Captain Tsubasa: Run towards tomorrow! (1986 film)
  4. Captain Tsubasa: World Great Battle - Jr. World Cup (1986 film)
  5. Captain Tsubasa: The most powerful opponent! Holland Youth (1994 film) - It was released as an OVA in 1995, but it was shown in 1994 as part of the Jump Super Tour '95.

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