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The Captain Tsubasa manga has been adapted multiple times to anime. These are all adaptations so far.

The series can be watched on Roku, Pluto, Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV, and Crunchyroll.

TV series[]

OVA series[]

  • Shin Captain Tsubasa (OST)
    Shin Captain Tsubasa (1989 OVA): This OVA Format covers the story following the Boys' Fight Arc into the J Boys' Challenge ("Jr. Youth arc" or "Junior Youth Hen"), where all the Japanese all-star teams ensemble together to compete in France against powerful teams.


  1. 07SH-1712 front
    Captain Tsubasa:The great European showdown (1985 film)
  2. Captain Tsubasa: Danger! All Japan Jr. (1985 film)
  3. Captain Tsubasa: Run towards tomorrow! (1986 film)
  4. Captain Tsubasa: World Great Battle - Jr. World Cup (1986 film)
  5. Captain Tsubasa: The most powerful opponent! Holland Youth (1994 film) - It was released as an OVA in 1995, but it was shown in 1994 as part of the Jump Super Tour '95.

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