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The Japanese team in World Youth

Battle of World Youth (BWY) is the fourth story arc of the storyline of the Captain Tsubasa series, which covers the events after the "J Boys' Challenge" arc (the end of the original manga series). The name was first used in the 2006 Shueisha Jump Remix (SJR) version of the manga, where the story arcs where divided in a clearer way.

BWY covers the manga Saikyo no Teki! Holanda Youth and World Youth Hen, as well as the chapters from the manga adapted to the anime Saikyo no Teki! Holanda Youth and Captain Tsubasa J.


Netherlands Youth[]

Tsubasa in Brazil[]

Tsubasa leaves Japan for Brazil, and starts playing for Sao Paulo FC in Brazil's premier professional league, Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, with his mentor Roberto as the manager. While in Brazil, Tsubasa gets to meet several talented Brazilian players, such as his teammate and roommate Pepe, who comes from humble backgrounds to become one of the primary playmakers in the squad along with Tsubasa, and CR Flamengo's ace Carlos Santana, a prodigious talent.

Aoi in Italy[]

Enthusiastic football-loving youngster Shingo Aoi, whom Tsubasa once played against while in the high school national championships, leaves Japan to play football in Italy, where he hopes to play for a major Italian professional team. After arriving in Italy, however, Aoi gets tricked by a man who gives him fraudulent promises of getting him selected for an Italian team, and ends up losing all his money. Having realized that he is swindled, Aoi tries hard to get his money back, doing jobs such as shoeshining, and his enthusiastic attitude catches the eye of one of the staff of Inter Milan, who recommend him to the coach of their squad.

Asian preliminaries[]

All Japan Youth has to play the AFC Youth Championship qualification without Taro Misaki, Makoto Soda, Hiroshi Jito, Shun Nitta, the Tachibana twins and Kojiro Hyuga. After Tsubasa, Wakabayashi and Aoi join the team, they manage to defeat Thailand 5-4 after being led 4-1. In the AFC Youth Championship, Japan beats Uzbekistan 8-1, UAE 6-0, China 6-3 and Saudi Arabia 4-1. In the semifinals Japan beats Iraq 3-0. The Japanese win the Asia Youth title beating South Korea 2-0 and qualifying for the World Youth tournament.

World Youth tournament[]

In the first phase Japan defeats Mexico 2-1, Uruguay 6-5 and Italy 4-0. They then beat Sweden 1-0 and Netherlands 1-0 in the quarterfinals and semifinals respectively. In the "Grand Final", they defeat Brazil 3-2 after extra time with Tsubasa scoring a hat-trick and the golden goal despite the fact that Brazil used a new player at the extra time called Natureza, who became the second person to score a goal on Wakabayashi from outside the penalty area.

Tsubasa moves from Sao Paulo to FC Barcelona, in the Spanish La Liga, after the end of the World Youth Championship final, taking his childhood friend and now wife, Sanae. He asked her out before moving to Brazil, and the couple maintained a long-distance relationship before he proposed to her after the World Youth Championship.

Table of Tournaments[]

Main article: World Youth Tournament
Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Japan.png All Japan Youth  1
 Sweden.png Sweden Youth  0  
 Japan.png All Japan Youth  1
   Netherlands.png Netherlands Youth  0  
 Netherlands.png Netherlands Youth  3
 France.png France Youth  1  
 Japan.png All Japan Youth  3
   Brazil.png Brazil Youth  2
 Germany.png Germany Youth  3
 Argentina.png Argentina Youth  2  
 Germany.png Germany Youth  0
   Brazil.png Brazil Youth  5  
 Brazil.png Brazil Youth  6
 Uruguay.png Uruguay Youth  0  

Manga chapters that cover BWY[]

The chapters named here are how they were ordered and named in the original tankobon and in the 2006 SJR. The Bunko, SJR and other versions may use a different chapter page length and name depending on the edition. Chapter number and name in the original tankobon has priority over other versions. For stories published outside the original Captain Tsubasa manga, the order established in 2006 SJR has priority over other versions.

No. Chapter name
SS "Saikyo no Teki! Holanda Youth" (最強の敵! オランダユース)
1 "Shingo Aoi's appearance!" (葵新伍登場! の巻) ["Prologue 1: Shingo Aoi, Principe del Sole"]
2 "At the door of Inter" (インテルへの扉! の巻)
3 "Time of trial!!" (試練の時!! の巻)
4 "Full throttle Shingo!" (全開新伍! の巻)
5 "Prologue and beginning!!" (序章-そして開幕へ!! の巻)
6 "Tsubasa Ozora, I'm alright!" (大空翼 元気です! の巻) ["Prologue 2: Soccer Cyborg Santana"]
7 "Child of God, Santana" (神の子サンターナの巻)
8 "Santana starts!" (サンターナ始動! の巻)
9 "From Bara to Santana" (バーラからサンターナへの巻)
10 "Aiming for glory" (栄光をめざしての巻) ["Chapter of the Asian Youth Championship"]
11 "Ryoma Hino's appearance!!" (火野竜馬登場!! の巻)
12 "The Young Noble returns alive, the insurrection of the Young Lion" (貴公子の生還、若獅子の反乱の巻)
13 "The pride of a man" (誇り高き男の巻)
14 "RJ7's Entry" (R・J・7登場の巻)
15 "Furious offense and defense!!" (激しき攻防!! の巻)
16 "Build the best team of the world!" (世界一のチームを作る!! の巻)
17 "The Fierce Tiger's departure" (猛虎の旅立ち!! の巻)
18 "In Sao Paulo" (サンパウロにての巻)
19 "Start facing the dream!!" (夢に向かってスタート!! の巻)
20 "Fight with your heart" (気迫で闘え!! の巻)
21 "Overturn the speculations" (下馬評をくつがえせ!! の巻) [Only in magazine and the first tankobon edition since in other versions the chapter is divided in two parts, the first "Decisive battle eve!!" (決戦前夜!! の巻) and keeping the original chapter name]
22 "Tsubasa vs. Bunnag" (翼VS.ブンナークの巻)
23 "Send it to Tsubasa!!" (翼につなげ!! の巻)
24 "SGGK" (S・G・G・K!! の巻)
25 "Clash between willpower and willpower" (意地と意地の激突!! の巻)
26 "The laurels are above you!" (栄冠はきみの上に! の巻)
27 "Get a new special shoot" (新・必殺シュートをつかめ! の巻)
28 "The completion of the new special shoot!" (新・必殺シュートついに完成! の巻)
29 "Soldiers who grow up" (成長した戦士たちの巻)
30 "The force of the ship named Real Japan!!" (リアル・ジャパン丸の実力!! の巻)
31 "Those who we can rely on!" (頼れるヤツら! の巻)
32 "The genius Owairan" (天才オワイランの巻) [only in magazine and the original tankobon edition since it was renamed to "Rivals looming!" (立ちはだかるライバル達! の巻) in other versions]
ES "Principe del Sole: Challenge to Gullit, the way to the completion of the Right Angle Feint" (太陽王子 グーリットへの挑戦 直角フェイント完成への道! の巻) [This chapter was published in magazine as part of Principe del Sole alongside a regular World Youth Hen chapter]
33 "Sight of the Raiju Shoot!!" (雷獣シュート見参!! の巻)
34 "Moment of victory!!" (勝利の瞬間!! の巻)
35 "Decisive battle!" (決戦! の巻) [in newer editions, the chapter is divided in two, the first half in a chapter called "Shingo, the spy!" (新伍、偵察す! の巻) and the second in another chapter with the original name]
36 "China Youth's counterattack!"(中国ユースの逆襲! の巻)
37 "The light inside the predicament!" (窮地の中の光! の巻)
38 "Moment of victory and miracle!!" (勝利と奇跡の瞬間!! の巻)
39 "The man who comes back!" (帰ってきた男! の巻)
40 "The conclusion of the goal keeper Wakashimazu!" (GK若島津の結論! の巻)
41 "The start of the newborn All Japan!!" (新生 全日本始動!! の巻)
42 "The door towards the dream!!" (夢への扉!! の巻)
43 "Glory... and!!"(栄光…そして!! の巻)
44 "The new barrier!!" (新たなる障壁!! の巻) ["Asian Youth Championship -Epilogue- Rest of the warriors (Homecoming)"]
45 "The field Of dreams!!" (夢の舞台!! の巻) ["Chapter of the World Youth -Prologue- World Youth held in Japan"]
46 "The soldiers' decision!" (戦士たちの決意! の巻)
47 "The oath to Misaki!!" (岬への誓い!! の巻)
48 "The reason of the tears" (涙の理由の巻)
49 "Reunion with old enemies!" (宿敵との再会! の巻)
50 "Prologue to the fierce fight!!" (激闘へのプロローグ!! の巻)
51 "On the field...!!" (フィールドの中に…!! の巻)
52 "The entrusted ball" (託されたボール!! の巻)
53 "Because I like it...!!" (好きだから…!! の巻)
54 "Proof of progress!!" (成長の証!! の巻) [only in the first tankobon edition since in other editions it is two chapters, the first one called "The amazing Uruguay Youth!!" (驚異のウルグアイユース!! の巻) and the other keeping the other name, while in magazine the original chapters were three]
55 "Advancing to the final tournament!" (決勝トーナメント進出! の巻)
56 "Only one wing!" (片方だけの翼! の巻)
57 "True colours of the Sweden team!" (スウェーデンチームの正体! の巻)
58 "Successive attacks of the Midnight Sun!" (白夜の波状攻撃! の巻)
59 "The new fearful strategy!"(恐怖の新戦術! の巻)
60 "The imaginary shoot" (幻のシュートの巻)
61 "The strong Brazil!" (強者・ブラジル! の巻)
62 "Betting for the place of best in the world!" (世界一の座をかけて! の巻)
63 "V Goal!!" (Vゴール!! の巻) [only in the first tankobon edition since in other editions it is two chapters, the first one called "Exceed Roberto!!" (ロベルトを超えろ!! の巻) and the other keeping the original name, while in magazine there were eight chapters originally]
64 "Everyone's future" (それぞれの未来の巻) ["Epilogue". This chapter was not published in magazine]