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Branca (ブランカ, buranka) is an attacking midfielder of Brazil Youth.


He first appeared in World Youth Hen chapter 62. He and Silva are very offensive midfielders and have outstanding movements. He wears the jersey #6.


He is renamed as Branco in Captain Tsubasa: Tatakae Dream Team.


Battle of World Youth[]

Preparations for the World Youth

Branca is a midfielder of Brazil. At some point after the end of first round of the Asian preliminaries, in Brazil, Brazil Youth crush Uruguay Youth 10-0 in a test match.

World Youth Tournament

Brazil easily win all 3 matches in the group stage of the World Youth. In the quarterfinals, they faced Uruguay, who they have beaten 10-0 earlier, again. Despite Uruguay's improvements, Brazil still win with a great difference, 6-0. They then proceed to beat Germany 5-0 in the semifinals, advancing to the finals with 30 goals scored, no goals taken, and their ace Carlos Santana achieving a hat-trick in every match. The team lose to Japan in the final, however.

Rising Sun[]

Branca is part of Olympic Brazil. The team has a strengthening match against Belgium, and they swiftly crush the opponent, with their two aces, Santana and Natureza achieving a hat-trick each.

To be added as series progresses.


  • He's likely a reference to Cláudio Ibrahim Vaz Leal, better known as Branco.