Captain Tsubasa: Sekai Daikessen!! Jr. World Cup (キャプテン翼 世界大決戦!! Jr.ワールドカップ, translated as Captain Tsubasa: World Great Battle! Jr. World Cup) is the fourth movie and the final installment of the 1983 original anime era. It was released on 12 July 1986.

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In this movie, the classical Japan-Europe matches becomes intercontinental. This time, it is arranged a world cup with four teams: All Japan Jr., USA Jr., All Europe Jr., and All South America Jr. In the first match, All Japan Jr. easily defeats 3:0 against USA Jr. In the second match All Europe Jr. loses 2:3 against All South America Jr.

In the finals round, All South America Jr. shows their triumphant card, "soccer cyborg" Carlos Santana, a more than supreme player who seems to be undefeatable. All their classical tricks like Hyuga's Tiger Shot or Tsubasa's Drive Shoot seem to be totally worthless against Santana and the keeper Gonzales, but in a hard and spectacular match the Japanese learn more and more to play in unison and finally they get the win.


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  • Original work: Yoichi Takahashi
  • Script: Yoshiyuki Suga
  • Direction: Tatsuya Okamoto
  • Character design, animation direction: Nobuhiro Okaseko
  • Art direction: Hitoshi Nagao
  • Photography: Ryuji Nishikawa, Ryuichi Shimane
  • Photography assistance: Q Production, Studio Twinkle
  • Editing: Toshihiko Kojima, Hideaki Murai, Yumiko Nakaba, Hajime Okayasu, Masayuki Tanaka
  • Music: Hiromoto Tobisawa
  • Sound direction: Hiroshi Yamazaki
  • Producer: Hyota Ezu (TV Tokyo), Masao Kodaira (Tsuchida Production)
  • Production: Tsuchida Production, TV Tokyo

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  • Italian: Holly e Benji: La grande sfida mondiale: Jr World Cup!; in episodic format Campioni del mondo (prima parte) and Campioni del mondo (seconda parte)
  • French: Olive et Tom - La Coupe du monde: la Coupe du monde junior
  • Portuguese: Capitão Tsubasa: O Campeonato Mundial de Juniores
  • Spanish: Oliver y Benji, las películas: La Copa del Mundo
  • LATAM Spanish: Supercampeones: El Campeonato Mundial Juvenil

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