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Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼) is the name of the first anime based in the original manga of the same name by Yoichi Takahashi.


It was originally broadcast from 1983-10-13 to 1986-03-27 in TV Tokyo (Japan). It has been released since then in several countries with huge success, being the most well known animated version of the franchise.

In North America, Enoki Films made the English dub and changed the name to "Flash Kicker".


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# Original title Translated Japanese English title
001 大空へはばたけ Spreading his wings into the sky A new soccer freak comes to town
002 燃えろサッカー小僧 The passionate football prodigy The lifelong rival
003 明日に向って、キック・オフ Kick off for tomorrow Kick it off for tomorrow
004 ボールは友だち The ball is my friend Soccer ball is my best friend
005 ライバルはどこだ Where is the rival? Tsubasa's First Game
006 ゴールをかためろ Fortify the goal Block it in the goal!
007 運命のロングシュート Fate's long shot Roberto's Dream
008 さわやかコンビ誕生 Birth of a fresh combination A perfectly combined duo
009 ラストチャンスにかけろ Go for the last chance! Go for the last chance!
010 夢はブラジルへ Dream of Brazil A long hard way to Brazil
011 はぐれ狼小次郎あらわる The stray wolf, Kojiro appears Here comes a lone wolf, Kojiro
012 めざせ!日本一 Aim for no. 1 in Japan! Toward the All Japan Championship
013 泥まみれの熱戦 Heated game in the mud A fast game in the mud
014 フィールドの貴公子 Young Noble of the Field Young noble in the field
015 傷だらけのキーパー A keeper full of wounds Beat down Kobayashi!
016 夢はひとつ燃えろイレブン Eleven, one burning dream The new Captain Hawk
017 開幕!全国大会 Begin! National Championship The National Championship opens
018 宿命の対決!翼VS小次郎 Fateful confrontation! Tsubasa vs. Kojiro Fatal confrontation; Tsubasa vs. Kojiro
019 恐怖の弾丸シュート The fearful bullet shot The fearful shot
020 サッカーは俺の夢だ! Football is my dream! Soccer is my dream
021 泣くな!翼 Don't cry, Tsubasa! Tsubasa's tears
022 双子のストライカー Twin strikers Tsubasa vs. the soccer freak
023 石崎の大チョンボ Ishizaki's big blunder Ishizaki's big blunder
024 空中大決戦 Decisive battle in the air Great midair battle
025 俺が大会一のキーパーだ! I'm the best goalkeeper in the tournament! I'm the best goalkeeper in the championship
026 ガラスのエース Ace of Glass The glass ace
027 ベスト4!激突 Clash of the best 4! Clash in Semi-Final
028 北国の熱きイレブン The fiery eleven from the northern region Brave fighters from the north
029 血みどろの対決 Desperate confrontation Fierce confrontation
030 傷だらけの貴公子 A young noble full of wounds A wounded prince
031 華麗なる対決 Brilliant showdown A brilliant fight
032 翼をワナにかけろ Tsubasa caught in a trap Catch Tsubasa in a trap!
033 とべない翼 Tsubasa can't fly "I can't play!"
034 よみがえれ翼 Tsubasa's resurrection Rise from the dead, Tsubasa!
035 淳死なないで Don't die, Jun! Don't die. Jun!
036 ボクの心臓まだ動いている My heart is still pounding My heart is still pounding
037 奇跡の超ロングシュート Miraculous super long shot Miracle! An ultra-long shot!
038 眠れる猛虎・小次郎 The sleeping fierce tiger, Kojiro Kojiro is a sleeping lion
039 復活!天才キーパー若林 Comeback! Genius keeper Wakabayashi Revival!
040 出た!先制のツインシュート Fly! The head start Twin Shot Head start with shots
041 激突!若林対小次郎 Clash! Wakabayashi vs. Kojiro Wakabayashi vs. Kojiro
042 猛虎よ牙をむけ! Show your fangs, fierce tiger! Roar! The lion!
043 危うし!ゴールデンコンビ Dangerous! Golden Combi Nankatsu falls in a crisis
044 炎のダイビングヘッド Flaming diving header Courageous diving-head
045 ピンチ!エースなき戦い Pinch! A battle without the ace A game without the ace
046 やった!石崎得意の顔面ブロック! Yes! Ishizaki's specialty, Face Block! Nankatsu is in a big trouble!
047 小次郎のVサイン Kojiro's V-sign Kojiro's victory sign
048 奇跡を呼ぶトリプルシュート? A triple shot that brings miracle? Could Nankatsu catch up?
049 灼熱の延長戦 Extra time in the scorching heat Extra innings in midsummer
050 ああ幻のゴール!? Aah, a phantom goal!? The goal that had never been made
051 オレたちは負けない! We won't lose! We're not going to lose!
052 死闘!再延長戦! Fight to the end! Extra time, again! Hold tight! Nankatsu!
053 復活!ゴールデンコンビ Revival! Golden Combi The golden pair is back
054 最後の決戦!翼対小次郎 The final battle! Tsubasa vs. Kojiro Decisive battle; Tsubasa vs. Kojiro
055 栄光そしてサヨナラ Glory, and then farewell Glory and then Farewell
056 それぞれの旅立ち Each one's departure Departure
057 オレたち中学三年生 We're in the 3rd year of junior high school We're in the 9th grade
058 V3への熱きスタート! A hot start to the V3! Let's get the 3rd victory!
059 新たなるライバル New rival Nankatsu vs. Otomo School
060 翼よ!フィールドの鷹になれ! Tsubasa! Become a hawk of the field! You're a hawk in the field, Tsubasa!
061 ノートラップ隼シュート! No Trap Peregrine Falcon Shot! No trap. Falcon shoot!
062 挑戦者たちのララバイ Challengers' lullaby A lullaby of a challenger
063 打倒・翼!オレがヒーローだ Defeat Tsubasa! I'm the hero! I'm your rival
064 甦ったエース・三杉淳 The resurrected ace, Jun Misugi Hyuga vs. Mitsugi
065 夢の対決!三杉対小次郎 The dream confrontation! Misugi vs. Kojiro To Tsubasa from Europe
066 ヨーロッパ発翼くんへ To Tsubasa from Europe Battle of Mitsugi and Kojiro
067 フィールドに散った貴公子 The young noble fell on the field The prince disperses over the ground
068 若林からの手紙 A letter from Wakabayashi A letter from Wakabayashi
069 牙をとぐ猛虎・小次郎 Kojiro, a fierce tiger sharpening his fangs Tiger sharpens his fangs
070 めざせV3!波乱の開幕 Aim for the V3! A stormy opening A stormy opening-game
071 決めろ!ドライブシュート! Go! Drive Shot! You can do it! A drive-shoot!
072 防げ!必殺のカミソリシュート Defend! The surefire Razor Shot Defense against a razor-cutting shoot
073 ライバルたちの熱き足音 Passionate footsteps of rivals Enthusiastic footsteps of opponents
074 出た!スカイラブ・ハリケーン! Fly! Skylab Hurricane! Hurricane comes out!
075 翼よ誰よりも高く飛べ Tsubasa, fly higher than anyone else Fly higher than anybody else
076 立花兄弟・必殺のコンビプレー Tachibana twins, deadly combination play Tsubasa goes to battlefield again
077 決めろ!スライディングシュート! Go! Sliding Shot! Go and make it - a sliding shoot!
078 激突!ベスト8 Clash! Best 8 Clash of the best eight teams
079 北の荒鷲・松山光 The wild eagle of the north - Hikaru Matsuyama The eagle of North - Hikaru Matsuyama
080 ベールをぬいだ怪童次藤洋 Hiroshi Jito, the big young man that took off his veil An unknown boy - Hiroshi Tsugito
081 羽をもがれたフィールドの鷹 The hawk of the field with broken wings The hawk that lost his wings
082 気迫の連続ドライブシュート! Continuous Drive Shots of spirit A high-spirited drive-shoot!
083 激突!ゴール前の死闘 Clash! A desperate struggle in front of the goal Desperate struggle in front of the goal
084 不滅のチームワーク The immortal teamwork The immortal teamwork
085 燃えあがれ!ベスト4 Burn up! Best 4 Ardor of the best four
086 若島津・無念の初失点 Wakashimazu, conceding a regrettable first goal First loss point of Wakabayashi
087 オリの中の猛虎・小次郎 Kojiro, a fierce tiger in a cage A tiger in a cage
088 怒りのタイガー軍団!! The anger of the tiger corps! The tiger troop!!
089 岬太郎のヨーロッパ便り A letter from Taro Misaki in Europe A letter from Europe
090 夢のヨーロッパ遠征・選ばれるのは誰か!? Who will be chosen for the dream European campaign!? Guess who will be selected
091 フィールドに翔べ!鷲と鷹! Fly onto the field! Eagle and hawk! Fly over the soccer field!
092 北の荒鷲・無敵のロングシュート The northern wild eagle - invincible long shot An invincible long shoot
093 勝利への逆襲 Counterattack to victory A way to victory
094 猛攻!四連続シュート Fierce attack! 4 consecutive shots Consecutive four shoots
095 傷だらけの翼よみがえれ不死鳥 Wounded Tsubasa - the phoenix resurrects Phoenix rises again
096 さらば北の戦士 Farewell, northern warrior Farewell to the fighter from North
097 猛虎の挑戦状 Challenge of the fierce tiger Challenge of the tiger
098 ヨーロッパの熱き誓いを思い出せ Remembering the passionate vow in Europe Hard time in Europe
099 翼対イングランド重戦車軍団 Tsubasa vs. English heavy tank corps Tsubasa vs. English heavy tanks
100 あらたなる試練 A new trial Another ordeal
101 燃えるフィールド翼対ピエール!! The scorching field, Tsubasa vs. Pierre!! Tsubasa vs. Pierre!!
102 倒せ!ヨーロッパ・ナンバーワン! Defeat them! Europe's number one! Crash No.1 team in Europe!
103 無敵の皇帝・シュナイダー The invincible emperor - Schneider Incredible attack of 'Emperor' Schneider
104 栄光へのラストキック Last kick of glory Last kick of honor
105 宿命の対決、ふたたび Fateful confrontation, again The fatal battle again
106 世紀のラスト・ファイト Last fight of the century The last fight
107 先制のスーパーショット! Initiative super shot! Control the mid-field!
108 逆襲のドライブシュート Counterattack with Drive Shot Counter-attack with driving shoots
109 火をふくタイガーショット! Tiger Shot bursting into flames! Exploding tiger shot!
110 王者・南葛最大の危機 The biggest crisis of the champion, Nankatsu Nankatsu is in desperate trouble
111 奇跡のドライブシュート Miraculous Drive Shot A miracle happens
112 日向小次郎の反撃! Kojiro Hyuga's counterattack! Challenge of Kojiro Hyuga!
113 舞い上がれ!不死鳥 Fly high, Phoenix! Fly high, Phoenix!
114 燃えろ!炎のチームワーク Burn! Blazing teamwork Blazing teamwork
115 夢のダイビング・オーバーヘッド Diving overhead of dream Victory of play-for-the-team
116 ラストゴールは俺が取る! I'll get the last goal! I'll get the last ball!
117 守り抜け!俺たちのゴール! Defend! Our goal! Defend our goal to the end!
118 走れ翼!勝利のゴールへ Run Tsubasa! To the goal of victory Run for the victory, Tsubasa!
119 運命のタイム・アップ Fate's time-up The time is up
120 駆けぬけろ!V3はオレたちの夢! Run through! V3 is our dream! Go and get V-3. It's our dream!
121 奇跡をよぶフィールドの鷹 The field's hawk that brings miracle The hawk calling for a miracle
122 復活オレたちのキャプテン Revival of our Captain Revival of our Captain
123 翼の最終作戦!! Tsubasa's last strategy!! Tsubasa's last strategy!!
124 傷だらけのヒーロー The injured hero The injured hero
125 栄光そして新なる旅立ち Glory... And a new journey Glory... And a new journey
126 最高の友俺と若林源三 My best friend. Genzo Wakabayashi My best friend. Genzo Wakabayashi
127 永遠のパートナー俺と岬太郎 My eternal partner. Taro Misaki My eternal partner. Taro Misaki
128 はばたけ!輝ける戦士たち! Spread your wings! Shining warriors! Soar up in the sky, the glorious players!


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