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Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼), known worldwide as Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002, is a TV anime series originally broadcast by TV Tokyo in Japan from 2001-10-07 to 2002-10-06.


With 52 episodes, the series is composed of three arcs: Road to Dream (a retelling of the original TV anime), Road to Sky (a retelling of the OVA series), and Road to Victory (new material that combines a few elements from the World Youth Saga manga with the stories from the Road to 2002 manga).

Originally, it was released to advertise the FIFA World Cup 2002 in Japan and South Korea, the first-ever to be played in Asia. The original broadcast of the last episode, the 10th of June, 2002, was within the already running competition. Japan, which passed the group stage, would be eliminated just 8 days later 0-1 in the round of 16 against Turkey.

Parallels to the real world include the International Jr. Youth tournament won by Japan in episodes 21 to 32, which is played in France, just like the 1998 World Cup.

The series was sponsored by Adidas (for example, the logo can be seen in Genzo's cap, in the stadiums' ad-boards or in Japan's uniform).

In North America, Enoki Films made the English dub and changed the name to Flash Kicker: Road to 2002.

Differences from the manga[]

In the series, some game results were given more 'realistic scores' such as Nankatsu school being beaten 10-0 and not 30-0; in the finals Nankatsu - Toho, Tsubasa only played in the second half due to his injury. Even so, there was an episode where Hamburger SV (Grunwald) came to Japan with Genzo and a German physician who gave treatment to Tsubasa.

There was also an anime-original story, the Netherlands Arc (2001), where the Netherlands Youth one-shot from World Youth Hen was included as tie-in before getting into the real story from Road to 2002, where Tsubasa and Kojiro were already playing in Spain and in Italy, respectively.

In the series, various club teams had their uniforms, logos and names modified, as well some players' names and appearances (most precisely, the ones based on real-life footballers who were active during the series' run) due to the disagreement between FIFA and Shueisha regarding the featuring of the clubs with their real-world logos, stadiums and jerseys, (which could be a reason about why the Road to 2002 manga was not published outside Asia).

Some examples are the following: FC Barcelona became FC Cataluna, Juventus FC became Piamonte FC, Hamburger SV became Grunwald, Bayern became Rotburg and Valencia became FC San José.

Some other countries saw releases at other dates. To name an example, the German dub of the anime got the name "Super Kickers 2006" and was, as the name implies, produced about four years later for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.


  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A
  • World Youth Cup (final episode)


# Original title American title Air date
1 Road to Dream Road to a Dream 2001-10-07
2 Meeting Roberto Tsubasa meets Roberto 2001-10-14
3 Taro Misaki Returns Taro Misaki is Back 2001-10-21
4 The Burning Kojiro Blazing Kojiro 2001-10-28
5 Birth! Captain Tsubasa Captain Tsubasa is Born! 2001-11-04
6 Opening! Japan National Junior Competition The Boy's National Soccer Championship Opens! 2001-11-11
7 Ace of Glass 2001-11-18
8 Get up! Misugi Jun Get Up, Jun Misugi! 2001-11-25
9 Crash! Tsubasa vs. Hyuga 2001-12-02
10 Finals in the Dead Heat! Sizzling Final Match! 2001-12-09
11 Farewell Roberto Goodbye, Roberto 2001-12-16
12 Tomorrow's Kick Off Kickoff for Tomorrow 2001-12-23
13 Fierce Tiger Shot! 2001-12-30
14 A Challenge From Jito 2002-01-06
15 Hot Number 10 From A Snow Country 2002-01-13
16 Upsetting Doctor's Decision 2002-01-20
17 Tournament Final! Nankatsu vs. Toho 2002-01-27
18 Driving Shot of Vengeance 2002-02-03
19 Come Back! Tsubasa! 2002-02-10
20 Go for it! Japan Junior Youth Team! 2002-02-17
21 Humiliating Test Match 2002-02-24
22 Glorious Number 10 2002-03-03
23 Golden Duo Reunites 2002-03-10
24 'God of Defense' of Italy 2002-03-17
25 Genius Juan Diaz! 2002-03-24
26 Elegant Commander 2002-03-31
27 Painful Yellow Card 2002-04-07
28 Respectable Penalty - Tie-Breaker 2002-04-14
29 Grueling Battle! Japan vs. Germany 2002-04-21
30 A Message From Roberto 2002-04-28
31 Shine in Glory! Japan Jr. 2002-05-05
32 To the New Field 2002-05-12
33 A Soccer Cyborg 2002-05-19
34 Santana, The Son of God 2002-06-02
35 The Shine of Rosario 2002-06-09
36 The New Dream Land 2002-06-16
37 Hyuga's Challenge for the Future Huega's Challenge for the Future 2002-06-23
38 Golden Age of Hope 2002-06-30
39 Shingo Aoi is Here! Shingo Ao is Here! 2002-07-07
40 The New Japan national team 2002-07-14
41 Break the Dutch Wall 2002-07-21
42 Restart to the World 2002-07-28
43 Catalonia's Eagle Catalunya's Eagle 2002-08-04
44 Run to the Opening Match! 2002-08-11
45 Harsh Notice 2002-08-18
46 Cross the Bridge of Hope 2002-08-25
47 Italian Debut Huega's Italian Debut 2002-09-01
48 Striker in Tears 2002-09-08
49 Go for 10 Goals, 10 Assists! 2002-09-15
50 Battle Against the Rival 2002-09-22
51 Dream Pitch 2002-09-29
52 Warriors in the Field 2002-10-06


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