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Captain Tsubasa 2: Super Striker (キャプテン翼II スーパーストライカー, kyaputen tsubasa II sūpā sutoraikā) is a Japanese Famicom videogame released on 20 July 1990.

The game was developed and published by Tecmo. It's the direct sequel to Captain Tsubasa (FC).


It drastically improved the concepts from the first game. By this time, the original manga had already finished and as such, the game featured an original new story and original characters, starting after the three-year time skip just like in the future prologue of the World Youth Hen manga. As noted at the end of Tecmo Cup Soccer Game (NES) it was hinted that this game would be released in the USA, but that never happened.

Featured characters[]


Rio Cup[]

Japanese National High School Tournament[]

Japan Cup[]

World Youth Asian qualifiers[]

Practice Match[]

Tsubasa vs. Santana before the final match

World Youth Preliminaries[]

World Youth[]




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