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Captain Tsubasa J: Get in the Tomorrow (キャプテン翼J GET IN THE TOMORROW) is a Japanese Playstation videogame released on 3 May 1996 by Bandai.


Captain Tsubasa J: Get In The Tomorrow, also known as "Captain Tsubasa J PSX", is a Japan-exclusive action/cinematic videogame released in 1996 by Bandai for PlayStation. The game is one of few to have two modes: a friendly match mode and a story mode in which you follow the plot of the 1994 anime series. The story line first starts off the (non-anime included) International Jr. Youth Tournament grand final. Then, the plot follows the Cpatain Tsubasa J storyline and a special storyline after the anime finishes.



Junior Youth teams[]

Youth teams[]

1st Asian qualifiers tournament

World Youth Teams


Brazil's clubs

Italy's clubs

Germany's clubs

Special teams[]



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