Captain Tsubasa J The Way to World Youth (SFC) boxart

Captain Tsubasa J: The Way to World Youth (キャプテン翼J ザ ウェイ トゥ ワールドユース kyaputen tsubasa J The Way to World Youth) is a 1995 Japan-exclusive Captain Tsubasa video game based on the Captain Tsubasa J (1994 TV series).


The Way to World Youth was the final Captain Tsubasa game for the Super Famicom, developed and published by Bandai in 1995-11-17. It was a second game based on the Captain Tsubasa J anime.

Since the game is no longer developed by Tecmo, was not as popular as Captain Tsubasa J: Get in the Tomorrow (PSX) and is considered below average, despite the attractive graphics for the capacity of Super Famicom.

Other featuresEdit

Graphics: About the characters, Hyuga's sleeves are rolled up, Tsubasa has the same funky hair, although it can easily be told apart from say, Matsuyama's.

Sound: Another good point. The sound is soothing and exciting when it must be exciting since rarely any CT game has bad sound.

Gameplay: The disadvantage of the game is indeed the gameplay. It does not make any difference from an everyday football game. The field can only be seen behind the player. Despite the view and length faults, the only good point is that, when you meet an enemy, you engage in a nice, dramatic tapping battle to decide which player gets the ball. the same applies to keepers stopping all special shots.

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