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Captain Tsubasa J (キャプテン翼J) is a TV anime series, and the second adaptation of the Captain Tsubasa franchise in a TV anime series.


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The series is divided into two parts:


The anime was originally broadcast by Fuji Television in Japan from 1994-10-21 to 1995-12-22 with 47 episodes. The animation was done by Studio Comet. The second part of the anime series adapted the first 31 chapters of the Battle of World Youth manga, with the end of the match of Japan Youth vs. Uzbekistan Youth (pages 27-28). However, the series was suspended due to budget constraints as well the studio running out of material to adapt (during the anime's run, the manga was still in progress).


# English title Original title Original broadcast date
1 Entrust your grand dreams to your wings でっかい夢を翼にのせて 1994-10-21
2 A challenge from the genius goalkeeper, Wakabayashi 天才GK(ゴールキーパー)若林からの挑戦 1994-10-28
3 An invigorating meeting with Taro Misaki さわやか出会い岬太郎 1994-11-04
4 The Burning, Long Battle Starts Now 熱き永き戦いが今始まる 1994-11-11
5 Fly! Overhead Kick とべ! オーバーヘッド 1994-11-18
6 Tsubasa and Misaki's Golden Duo 翼・岬ゴールデンコンビ 1994-11-25
7 A Scorching Battle of Offense and Defense 白熱の攻防戦 1994-12-02
8 I am Kojiro Hyuga 俺が日向小次郎 1994-12-09
9 The Hat-Trick of the Raging Waves 怒濤のハットトリック 1994-12-23
10 Tough Battle! Rain-Soaked Pitch 激戦! 雨のフィールド 1995-01-13
11 Danger! Time's Up 危うし! タイムアップ 1995-01-20
12 Bring Down the Keeper Wakabayashi! キーパー若林をつぶせ! 1995-01-27
13 Wonderful Rivals すばらしきライバルたち 1995-02-03
14 Preemptive Volley!! 先制のボレーシュート!! 1995-02-10
15 I'm Not Afraid, Because the Ball Is My Friend ボールは友だち怖くない 1995-02-17
16 Deadly Battle! Tsubasa vs. Kojiro Hyuga 死闘! 翼VS日向小次郎 1995-02-24
17 The Young Noble, Jun Misugi 貴公子・三杉淳 1995-03-03
18 The Terrifying Tachibana Twins 恐怖の空中アクロバット 1995-03-10
19 A Warm Friendship from a Northern Land 北の国から熱き友情 1995-03-17
20 The Little Eleven from the North 北国の小さなイレブン 1995-04-28
21 Appearance! Keeper Ken Wakashimazu 登場! キーパー若島津健 1995-05-05
22 Tsubasa vs. the Glass Prince 翼VSガラスの貴公子 1995-05-19
23 A Splendid Match! 華麗なる闘い! 1995-06-02
24 The Silent Ace 沈黙のエース 1995-06-09
25 Tsubasa, the Phoenix 不死鳥・翼 1995-06-16
26 Stand Up! Wounded Hero 立て! 傷だらけのヒーロー 1995-06-30
27 The Night Before the Great Game 大決戦その前夜 1995-07-07
28 Wakashimazu vs. the Twin Shot 若島津VSツインシュート 1995-07-21
29 The Raging Tiger's Flaming Bullet Shot 猛虎・炎の弾丸シュート 1995-07-28
30 The Wounded Eleven 傷だらけのイレブン 1995-08-04
31 The Raging Tiger's Counterattack 猛虎の逆襲 1995-08-11
32 Deadly Fight! Burning Extra Time Again 死闘! 灼熱の再延長戦 1995-08-18
33 Send Your Dreams Into the Goal! ゴールに夢をたたきこめ! 1995-08-25
34 Tsubasa's Dream, the World Cup 翼の夢・ワールドカップ 1995-09-01
35 Shingo Aoi takes the stage! The vow and the coins 葵新伍登場! 誓いのコイン 1995-09-08
36 Shingo: A brilliant debut 新伍・鮮やかデビュー 1995-09-22
37 Isolating training 孤独の特訓 1995-09-29
38 Standing on the field of glory 栄光のフィールドに立つ 1995-10-13
39 The mysterious Real Japan 7 謎のリアルジャパン7 1995-10-20
40 The Japan Youth's hard struggle!! 全日本ユース大苦戦!! 1995-10-27
41 Combat fighting! Thailand Youth 格闘技戦! タイユース 1995-11-10
42 A New Golden Duo Is Born! 新ゴールデンコンビ誕生! 1995-11-17
43 Episode 043 (1994 TV series)|Great Reversal! Break Through the First Qualifiers!!]] 大逆転! 一次予選突破!! 1995-11-24
44 Return of the Seven Fighters]] 帰って来た七人の戦士 1995-12-01
45 Killer! Raiju Shot 必殺! 雷獣シュート 1995-12-08
46 The Strongest, Reborn Japan Youth 最強の新生 1995-12-15
47 Aim for 2002! 全日本ユースめざせ! 2002年 1995-12-22

Voice cast[]



  • Original work: Yoichi Takahashi
  • Director: Hiroshi Fukutomi
  • Series composition: Takashi Yamada (eps. 1-37)
  • Animation character / chief animation director: Hiroshi Kanazawa (eps. 1-37), Tadayoshi Okimura
  • Art Director: Katsuyoshi Kanemura
  • Editor: Hajime Okayasu
  • Photography director: Seiichi Morishita
  • Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
  • Composer: Michihiko Ota
  • Producer: Koji Kaneda, Hidetaka Ikuta, Etsuko Komatsu
  • Production assistance: Studio Comet
  • Production: Fuji TV, NAS

Theme songs[]


  • In the first episode, in Tsubasa's dream, where he scored a goal in a match against Iraq national football team for Japan to win 3-2 is a reference to the Agony of Doha, a 1994 FIFA World Cup qualifier match, where Japan did not make it to the 1994 World Cup after Iraq scored a goal at the last minute, with the match ending 2-2. 
  • Episode 34 was a summary of episodes 2 to 35, while the last episode was a summary of episodes 35 to 46.
  • In episode 35, during the scene where Shingo Aoi arrives at the Milan airport, there is a cameo of Roberto Baggio.



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