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Captain Tsubasa J Original Soundtrack
Front cover
Front cover
Released 1995-01-06
Type OST album
Artist(s) FACE FREE, Michihiko Ohta, Ayako Yamazaki
Composer(s) FACE FREE, Michihiko Ohta, Kazunori Takahashi
Label Pony Canyon
Catalog no. PCCG-00325
Media 1 CD
Tracks 9

Captain Tsubasa J Original Soundtrack (キャプテン翼J オリジナル・サウンドトラック) is the soundtrack album of the 1994 TV series Captain Tsubasa J. There are some drama parts included in the instrumental melodies of the characters from the series. The CD album was originally published on 1995-01-06 by Pony Canyon.

While it is the official soundtrack of the series, the series had more instrumental melodies that were never published in album format, particularly from the second part of the series.


  1. Fighting! (TV size) <1:25> (opening theme) <performed by FACE FREE>
  2. Go! Tsubasa <4:49> <theme of Tsubasa Ozora>
  3. Best Friend <4:55> <theme of Taro Misaki>
  4. Attack <3:11>
  5. Battle <2:54>
  6. Wild Tiger <4:48> <theme of Kojiro Hyuga>
  7. Great Saver <4:46> <theme of Genzo Wakabayashi>
  8. Run for Win <3:11>
  9. Otoko Daro! (男だろっ!) (TV size) <1:21> <performed by Ayako Yamazaki>



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