Captain Tsubasa Tokubetsu Hen: Live Together 2010 (キャプテン翼 特別編 LIVE TOGETHER 2010, Captain Tsubasa special story: Endless Dream) is a 25-page oneshot released as part of the 30th anniversary of the Captain Tsubasa series and also for Japan's participation in South Africa 2010. It was released at the time of South Africa 2010, for which the Japanese band Exile, featured in the story, created Japan's support song, "Victory".

The oneshot was original released in Monthly Young Jump #6 (2010), cover date #2010-06-15 (on sale starting 2010-05-25).


It's a test match between Japan and Argentina before South Africa 2010. Juan Diaz scores a goal after passing Wakabayashi, Soda, Jito, Ishizaki, Matsuyama and Misugi in similar fashion like Agentina's coach, Maradona, did in México '86 with The Goal of the Century. Tsubasa is surprised by how much Diaz has progressed since the time they met during the Jr. Youth tournament.

Tsubasa gets fired up and inspires the rest of the team to do the same. Japan team reacts and Ishizaki, in a rare display of skill, does a great pass with a curve effect with which Tsubasa and Misaki appear to do a Twin Shoot. But, planned by Tsubasa, it turns out that it's a pass in disguise to Hyuga who scores. After that, the first half of the match ends.

The half-time show begins with the Japanese boy band Exile performing. After they finish, the Japanese team congratulate them and thank them for their support. In the second half, Wakabayashi stops all shoots from Argentina and, during loss time, Tsubasa scores with an overhead kick, making Japan the winner of the match. Exile declare that in the summer they will show their best performance to support Tsubasa's dream of making Japan win the World Cup.