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Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V. or FC Bayern Munich (FCバイエルン・ミュンヘン, FC baierun myunhen), commonly known as Bayern, is a German sports club based in Munich, Bavaria (Bayern).



  • 1983 Manga (last chapter):
    • Home: Red shirt with white V-neck collar and three red stripes on the sleeves, red shorts with three white stripes and socks with three white stripes on top. The sponsors are Commodore and Adidas.
    • Keeper: Yellow shirt with black collar, three sleeves on the stripes and darker diagonal stirpes on the chest, black shorts and white socks.
  • Road to 2002:
    • Home: Red shirt with blue collar, white trim on
      shoulders and sleeves, blue upper sleeves and shoulders, blue collar and three white stripes on the sleeves, red shorts with blue sides and three white stripes, red socks with blue hoops. The sponsors are Adidas and Opel. This color scheme resembles Bayern uniform worn in the 2000-01 seasons of the Bundesliga and the Champions League.
    • Keeper: light blue shirt with dark blue collar and dark blue shoulders and sleeves, dark blue shorts with three light blue stripes and white socks.
  • 2001 Anime:
    • Home: Black shirt with red sleeves, white collar and three black sleeve stripes, black shorts with red stripes and black socks with red stripe on top
    • Keeper: Yellow shirt with black sleeves, white collar, three sleeves on the sleeves, yellow shorts with black sides and three yellow stripes and black socks with a yellow stripe on top.


Current squad

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Drener Germany
4 DF Minba Nigeria
5 DF Coleman Denmark
6 unknown name Germany
7 unknown name Germany
8 MF unknown name Captain Germany
11 FW Karl Heinz Schneider Germany
12 MF Stefan Levin Sweden
13 DF Seaken Croatia
15 unknown name Germany
16 MF Xiao Junguang China
?? Boehle Germany



  • In the 2001 Anime, due to copyrights, the name was changed to Rotburg, and the uniforms color changed from red and dark blue accents to a black and red uniform.
    • According to the 2001 Anime, seeing from the Team logo (which reads "F.C. Rotburg Berlin"), the team is based in Berlin, rather than Munich (Bayern's city in real life).