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This article is about the versions of FC Bayern Munich that weren't mentioned elsewhere in this wiki.

2001 TV series[]


Rotburg FC logo

In this series, FC Bayern Munich is known as FC Rotburg Berlin, or Rotburg for short.


  • Home: Black shirt with red sleeves, white collar and three black sleeve stripes, black shorts with red stripes and black socks with red stripe on top
  • Keeper: Yellow shirt with black sleeves, white collar, three sleeves on the sleeves, yellow shorts with black sides and three yellow stripes and black socks with a yellow stripe on top.

2018 TV series - Season 2[]


In this series, FC Bayern Munich is known as Munchen.


Home: Red shirt with white v-neck collar, two white stripes on each sleeve, red shorts with two stripes on each side and red socks with two white stripes on the top. Similar to the Manga home, but with two stripes instead of three and without the Commodore logo.

Tatakae Dream Team[]




No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Drener Germany
4 FW Minba Nigeria
5 MF Coleman Denmark
6 DF Ralf Germany
7 DF Emmerich Germany
8 DF Fritz Germany
11 FW Karl Heinz Schneider Germany
12 MF Stefan Levin Sweden
13 FW Seaken Germany[1]
15 DF Rupert Germany
16 MF Xiao Junguang China


  1. Nationality is changed from Croatian to German for unknown reason.