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This is the section about Genzo Wakabayashi's techniques in the Captain Tsubasa series.


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  • Communication: Being a keeper, Wakabayashi can give good instruction to the defense line, about either which opponents should be marked or which position should be taken.
  • Judgment: Wakabayashi has good judgment, allowing him to foresee the opponent's play to take the initiative while defending. This also allows him to have good positioning.
  • Reflexes: Wakabayashi earned his superb reflexes from his intense training.
  • SGGK[1]: Wakabayashi's distinctive characteristic is to be able to stop any kind of shot kicked from outside of the penalty area, which earned him the epithet of Super Great Goal Keeper.


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Dribbles and FeintsEdit

  • Overlapping: As a sweeper-keeper, Wakabayashi sometimes goes up to attack, with or without the ball. He does this to have more options available to attack, or even to exploit a weak point. Naturally, this can also create a weak point in the team's defense if the overlapping player isn't coming back on time[2].


  • Curled Pass: A pass with spin on the ball which will make it change direction.
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Long kick

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One-Handed Catch

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Double Triangle Jump

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Forward Somersault Block

  • Top Spin Pass: A pass with an effect in which the speed of the ball increases after it bounces. First used in Road to 2002, against FC Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

Goalkeeping skillsEdit

  • Long kick: Wakabayashi can launch a counter by sending a long feed with pinpoint accuracy.
    • Fake Throw: Wakabayashi can fake a hand throw towards the playmaker to send a long kick towards a forward instead.
  • One-Handed Catch: Wakabayashi can stop a number of shots with only one hand, thanks to his reflexes and grip.
  • Diving Catch: The ability to fly towards the ball, either catching it before or while diving.
  • Triangle Jump: Wakabayashi is able to mimick Wakashimazu's trademark technique in J Boys' Challenge arc, using it in the final match against Germany Jr.
    • Double Triangle Jump: Instead of using only the goalpost, Wakabayashi can jump off the post first and then immediately off the crossbar to reach the ball.
  • Forward Somersault Block: A block performed when the ball is low in the air by kicking it with the heel while coming out of a forward somersault. Its fierce sidespin trajectory makes hard for a counter. He is seen using this technique as an alternative to protect his injured hands. He successfully repelled the aerial shots of the Khongsawat Brothers.
  • Upper Defense: A technique Wakabayashi acquired from his boxing training in order to defend against the Levin Shot without getting injured by its rotation effect. This technique is performed by using an uppercut to defend.
  • Straight Defense: A technique Wakabayashi acquired from his boxing training in order to defend against the Levin Shot without getting injured by its rotation effect. This technique aims to hit and clear the ball from the side just in front of the goal line with a powerful straight punch.
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Cooperative tacticsEdit

  • Birdcage: A rather controversial tactic used to waste time. The team just circulates the ball in a part of the field, making it difficult for opponents players to take the ball back.


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Notes Edit

  1. "SGGK" stands for "Super Great Goalkeeper"
  2. Rising Sun arc, chapter 20.
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