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Golden-23 (G23) is the sixth story arc of the storyline of the Captain Tsubasa series, which covers the events after the "Road to 2002" arc. It covers the manga Captain Tsubasa: Golden-23.


The U-22 All Japan, led by coach Kira, start their fight for the Olympic gold medal.

Manga chapters that cover G23[]

The chapters listed here are how they were ordered and named in the original tankobon. The bunko, SJR and other versions may use a different chapter division, page length and name depending on the edition. Chapter number and name in the original tankobon has priority over other versions. In older Captain Tsubasa manga, the chapters had the moniker "chapter of" (の巻) added to the name of the actual chapter. In the Golden-23 manga, with the exception of the "Prologue", the moniker has changed to "Goal" plus the chapter number prior to the name of the chapter (e.g. "Goal111"). This list doesn't add that information.

Chapter number in tankobon and magazine are not the same. This is because in magazine serialization the prologue is counted as chapter 1 while in tankobon chapter 1 is the following, making the prologue chapter 0, so all following chapters in the tankobon are one number below the numbering of the chapters in magazine (e.g. chapter 37 in tankobon was originally chapter 38 in magazine). Sometimes magazine chapters named differently from the tankobon have a different page length and have different starting and ending points. Due to this, these starting and ending points sometimes may also vary with chapters with the same name in both versions.

No. Chapter name
0 "Germany dream" (GERMANY DREAM) ["Prologue". In magazine, this was counted as chapter 1]
1 "Oath for the gold medal" (金メダルへの誓い) [in magazine this was counted as chapter 2]
2 "Start of survival" (サバイバルの始まり)
3 "Turning back the tide!!" (劣勢をはねかえせ!!)
4 "A risky gamble" (危険すぎる賭け)
5 "The start of a legend" (伝説の幕開け)
6 "Battle for pride, 2 on 2" (プライドを懸けた2on2)
7 "Stop the Futsal Combi!!" (フットサルコンビを止めろ!!)
8 "The camp's battle for pride" (プライドを懸けた合宿)
9 "Guardian Deity vs Futsal Combi" (守護神vsフットサルコンビ)
10 "Heated battle for survival" (熾烈なるサバイバル)
11 "Next age - Japan's challenge" (次世代・日本代表の挑戦)
12 "Loss time attack defense!!" (ロスタイムの攻防!!)
13 "Burning weed spirit!!" (熱き雑草魂!!)
14 "The first step towards the gold medal" (金メダルへの第一歩)
15 "Unexpected happiness" (思いがけぬ幸せ)
16 "Clash before the finals" (決勝戦の激突)
17 "Excessively dangerous two top" (危険すぎるツートップ)
18 "Unexpected defense" (予想外の守り)
19 "The 3M attacks!!" (3Mが攻める!!)
20 "Misaki's decision" (岬の決意)
21 "Attack spun by dreams!!" (夢を紡ぐ一撃!!)
22 "Hidden resolve" (秘めたる覚悟)
23 "Raging counterattack!!" (怒濤の反撃!!)
24 "Regrettable exit" (無念の退場)
25 "Heartbreaking decision" (苦渋の決断)
26 "Disappearing ball!!" (消えたボール!!)
27 "Falcon descending from the sky!!" (舞い降りたハヤブサ!!)
28 "Unbelievable sight" (信じられぬ光景)
29 "Unexpected conversion!!" (予測不能のコンバート!!) [originally named "Amazing conversion!!" (驚異のコンバート!!) in magazine]
30 "Blooming possibility" (開花した可能性) [in magazine the chapter name had two exclamation marks at the end]
31 "Dramatic departure" (劇的な船出) [originally named "The victory that decorates the departure" (船出を飾る勝利) in magazine]
32 "Rumor from Germany" (ドイツからの噂)
33 "The search for the Golden Warrior" (黄金戦士を探して)
34 "Goal for you" (君に捧ぐゴール) [originally named "The oath to the goal" (ゴールへの誓い) in magazine]
35 "Blessing performance" (祝福のパフォーマンス) [originally named "The goal of blessing!!" (祝福のゴール!!) in magazine]
36 "Another surprise!!" (サプライズ再び!!)
37 "Wonderful physical abilities!!" (驚異の身体能力!!) [in magazine the chapter name didn't have the two exclamation marks at the end]
38 "Why I can't lose" (負けられぬ理由) [originally named "Confrontation that can't be lost!!" (負けられない対決!!) in magazine]
39 "Hidden abilities" (隠された実力) [originally named "Fearless declaration" (不敵なる宣言) in magazine]
40 "Eagles raid!!" (イーグルス襲来!!)
41 "Explosion!! New secret super technique!!" (炸裂!! 新必殺奥義!!) [originally named "The aim of our GK" (GK同士の狙い) in magazine]
42 "Boiling hungry spirits" (沸き立つハングリー精神)
43 "Unexperienced one on one!!" (未体験の一対一!!)
44 "Deep obsession to win" (勝利への深き執念) [originally named "Just for victory" (ただ勝利のために) in magazine]
45 "Invitation to return" (再起への誘い)
46 "Can't let go this dream" (諦めきれぬ夢) [originally named "Pursuing a dream" (夢を追い続けて) in magazine]
47 "Ace's decision" (エースの決意) [originally named "Entrust the ace!!" (エースに託せ!!) in magazine]
48 "Sticking to one on one" (一対一へのこだわり)
49 "Why you can't win" (勝利できぬ理由)
50 "Counterattack roar" (反撃への咆哮)
51 "Determined charge!!" (決意の突進!!) [originally named "A blow of tenacity of tenacity!!" (執念の一撃!!) in magazine]
52 "Tenacious dive!!" (執念のダイブ!!) [originally named "A desperate dive!!" (決死のダイブ!!) in magazine]
53 "Growth of team spirit" (団結心の芽生え) [originally named "A new watchword" (新たな合言葉)]
54 "Fresh start" (新たなるスタート) [in magazine the chapter name had two exclamation marks at the end]
55 "Rivals come across!!" (巡り合うライバル!!) [originally named "Rematch that can not be lost" (負けられぬ再戦!!) in magazine]
56 "The tactician's objective" (策士の狙い)
57 "Another surprise attack!!" (奇襲攻撃再び!!) [originally named "An elder brother's decision" (兄の決意) in magazine]
58 "Unexpected and clever play!!" (予測不能の頭脳プレー!!)
59 "Signal fire of the counterattack" (反撃の狼煙)
60 "Attacking ace!!" (襲いくるエース!!) [originally named "Spirit which doesn't give-up!!" (譲れぬ気迫!!) in magazine]
61 "Spirited dive!!" (気迫のダイブ!!)
62 "Finish defending even at 10!!" (10人で守りきれ!!) [originally named "Defense of 10 people!" (10人で守り切れ!!) in magazine]
63 "Marvelous aerial clash!!" (驚異の空中激突!!)
64 "Last 5 minutes of attack defense" (残り5分の攻防)
65 "Get 3 points at all costs" (勝ち点3への執念) [originally named "Rush of obsession!!" (執念の突進!!) in magazine]
66 "Strange Combi Play!!" (規格外コンビプレー!!) [Japanese name originally written 規格外コンビプレイ!! in magazine]
67 "Will to win" (優勝への決意)
68 "Decisive determination" (不退転の決意)
69 "Dangerous first play" (危険なファーストプレー) [Japanese name originally written 危険なファーストプレイ in magazine]
70 "Talent coming to light!!" (覚醒した才能!!)
71 "All rounder's true worth" (オールラウンダーの真骨頂)
72 "Reaction to the Asian preliminaries" (アジア予選への手応え)
73 "Trial for the championship" (優勝への試練) [originally named "The ace's return" (エースの復帰) in magazine]
74 "Impatient to win" (勝利への焦り)
75 "Ace's return!!" (エースの帰還!!) [originally named "Stage of revival" (復活の舞台) in magazine]
76 "Revival of the Golden Combi!!" (黄金コンビ復活!!) [originally named "The seething stadium " (沸き立つスタジアム) in magazine]
77 "Footsteps towards the decisive game" (決戦への足音) [originally named "The beginning of the ordeal" (試練の始まり) in magazine]
78 "To their respective top" (それぞれの頂点へ) [originally named "Endless challenge!!" (終わりなき挑戦!!) in magazine]
79 "Outbreak of the shock!!" (衝撃の開戦!!)
80 "The collapsing dream" (崩れ落ちる夢) [originally named "Too severe reality" (厳しすぎる現実) in magazine]
81 "Heroic decision" (壮絶な決意)
82 "Union intensified" (深まる団結力)
83 "Connected hope" (繋がった希望) [originally named "Match on the verge of the cliff" (ガケッぷちの戦い) in magazine]
84 "Doubt of the commander" (指揮官の迷い)
85 "A method not yet known" (未知なる一手)
86 "Frim secret plan" (手堅き秘策)
87 "Buying time too plainly" (露骨過ぎる時間稼ぎ)
88 "Counterattack's bullet clear" (反撃の弾丸クリア!!)
89 "Determined for the sacrifice!!" (捨て身の決意!!)
90 "Stray kindness" (迷える優しさ) [originally named "Kind hesitation" (優しさ故の迷い) in magazine]
91 "Last flight!!" (最後のフライト!!)
92 "Too big a price" (大きすぎた代償) [originally named "Hard price to pay" (先制点の代償) in magazine]
93 "Offense and defense from the front" (真正面からの攻防)
94 "Spirit that isn't running away" (逃げない心)
95 "The evolving mystery" (進化する奥義) [originally named "Evolving secrets" (勝利への奥義) in magazine]
96 "Fly!! Wakado Style Combi!!" (飛翔!! 若堂流コンビ!!)
97 "The falcon flap his wings towards the world!!" (世界へ羽ばたく隼!!)
98 "Inherited spirit" (受け継いだ魂) [originally named "The last offense of the first half" (前半最後の攻勢) in magazine]
99 "Turbulent flow" (不穏な流れ) [originally named "The turning point of the game" (勝負の分かれ目) in magazine]
100 "Time passing by too fast" (早過ぎる時間経過)
101 "Judge who changes fate!!" (運命を変えるジャッジ!!) [originally named "Whistle that divides fate" (運命を分けるフエ) in magazine]
102 "Unyielding spirit" (折れない心)
103 "Being oneself and not anybody" (誰でもない自分へ)
104 "Reproduction of the legend!!" (伝説の再現!!)
105 "The third man" (第三の男)
106 "For just one more goal" (ただ一点のために) [originally named "Offense and defense of only one goal" (ただ一点の攻防) in magazine]
107 "Small soldier's willpower" (小兵の意地)
108 "Birth of the new Futsal Combi!!" (新フットサルコンビ誕生!!) [in magazine the chapter name didn't have the two exclamation marks at the end]
109 "Intention to enforce his will!!" (貫き通す意思!!) [originally named "Strength to pierce" (貫き通す強さ) in magazine]
110 "Kind and strong" (優しさと強さ)
111 "Linked spirit Combi Play" (魂が結ぶコンビプレー)
112 "Road to Madrid" (マドリッドへの道)
SS "Wish for Peace in Hiroshima (part 1)" (WISH FOR PEACE IN HIROSHIMA〈前編〉)
SS "Wish for Peace in Hiroshima (part 2)" (WISH FOR PEACE IN HIROSHIMA〈後編〉)