Golden Generation

Golden Age (DT)

Golden Generation (CT PS2)

Japanese 黄金 世代
The Golden Generation (Ougon Sedai) or Golden Age is an exceptionally gifted group of players of similar age, whose achievements reach or are expected to reach a level of success beyond that which their team had previously achieved.

Later, this term was also extended to other, non-Japanese players, as in many countries and all world continents with a vast amount of young talents emerged before the beginning of the U-20 World Youth tournament [1] and later on future sagas (Overseas Fierce Fights, Golden-23, Rising Sun, respectively).

Below is a list of teams who have been referred in Captain Tsubasa as golden generations:

Japan Golden AgeEdit

The Japan Golden Generation considers all the same age generation that fulfilled several achievements led by Tsubasa Ozora, all of whom have been able to significantly raise the level of football soccer. Even though Munemasa Katagiri, coach Tatsuo Mikami and Ms. Kaori Matsumoto truly believed in players' potential such as Tsubasa, Misaki, Wakabayashi and Hyuga.

Originally this term was used only for the young players of Japan mostly by their fans and supporters, who had the confidence that the quality of the players is enough to realize their dream of winning the World Youth and the FIFA World Cup for Japan.

Original players of this group include: [2]

Members Edit

Other recurrent players considered in this generation are:

Next Japan Golden Age
The next Golden Generation consists of members of U-19 Japan led by captain Takeshi Sawada, who was in turn a former comrade of Kojiro Hyuga and was trained by his mentor Kozo Kira, who is now coach of Olympic Japan.

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World Youth golden age

The Golden Generation of international players who have participated in several tournaments include the following:

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