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Gordoba Gonzales (ゴルドバ・ゴンザレス, gorudoba gonzaresu) is a retired Defender of FC Barcelona.


Gordoba Gonzales used to be part of a defender trio with Pedro Fonseca and Marcos Almieja as part of Barca.


Gonzales is a tough player in the exterior, but is a good-hearted man in the interior. During the Road to 2002 series, he became good friends with Tsubasa.


Road to 2002/Rising Sun[]

Before Tsubasa joined, the three of them had some injuries and couldn't play full time. When they recovered, they came to Barca B's training field and said that whoever got past them would be recommended to the top team's coach, Erick Van Saal. No one in Barca B was able to get past them, but against Tsubasa, the three of them couldn't stop him. They recognized Tsubasa's potential after that. When all members of Barca met again, some of them thought that Tsubasa was a player for when Rivaul was resting, but Gonzales, Fonseca and Almieja said that Tsubasa was more than that.

Gonzales quickly became close to Tsubasa. In the first training of the season, Gonzales was put in the substitute team, not the regular team, since he didn't play for quite some time. During that training, he provided support to Tsubasa to help him against the regulars.

During the match against Rayo Vallecano, Gonzales did an own goal, causing Barca to lose 2-3 right at their home field, the Camp Nou. Gonzales received a lot of booings after that, and many people thought that he would retire. However, coach Van Saal gave him another chance, and his performance in the match against Real Madrid showed that he would stay in Barca.

When the members of the team knew that Sanae was pregnant, they were surprised that Tsubasa would become a father at such a young age, and then they made fun of Gonzales, since he was 32 at the time and still single. However, when Tsubasa and Sanae went to a restaurant, they found out that Gonzales had a girlfriend named Manuela and he was going to propose to her. And, in the match against Valencia, with a Twin Shot with Tsubasa, Gonzales scored a goal for his future wife.

After the tournament, Gonzales retired as a professional player from Barcelona


Individual Play[]

  • Murderous Tackle


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