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For other versions of the character, see Hajime Taki (Tecmo) and Hajime Taki (RoNC).

Hajime Taki (滝 一, Taki Hajime) is a substitute forward of Japan.


He is a player from the J1 League and combi player as in the case of the Shutetsu Trio. He wears the jersey #17 and 25 for Japan.


Taki, with his best friend Kisugi, have always been together since elementary school, among some other former members of Shutetsu. Together with Kisugi and Izawa, the three of them form the Shutetsu Trio which is a combination of fast passes to each other. With this combination, the three of them usually score the 13% of the goals for Nankatsu middle school, while leaving the rest to their captain, Tsubasa Ozora.

Later on, they did the same with Taro Misaki who became part of Nankatsu Public high school.

Taki is reasonably fast and his favourite technique is to run straight along the right side line of the field, fulfilling the role of winger.

He has appeared as a member of Japan Youth and U-22 Japan.


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  • His name is Eddie Carter in the Latin American dub and Ted Carter in some European countries. In the Brazilian dub, his name is Carter Taki.
  • In the Netherlands Arc (Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002), he plays as a defensive midfielder.

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