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Hefner (ヘフナー), also known as Heffner and probably meant to be Höfner originally,[1] is a German keeper, considered the best goalkeeper in Europe in the Captain Tsubasa (1983) anime.


Hefner is the goalkeeper of the U-13 Germany team at the U-13 International tournament. He is also the main goalkeeper of the All Europe Jr. team in the Captain Tsubasa films.


U-13 International Tournament arc[]

As goalkeeper of the U-13 West Germany, he participates in all three matches against U-13 Portugal, U-13 Spain and the final against U-13 Japan.

In the finals against Japan, he faces two goals in the tournament for the first time as Tsubasa and Hyuga beat him with an unexpected Twin Shot, and another goal by Tsubasa with a triple overhead (assisted by Hyuga and Misaki) just before the end.

However, he gets to know Hyuga earlier. Before the semi-final against Spain, Hyuga attended the training of the German team, but he was unable to score a single goal to Hefner.

Other Appearances[]

Europe Daikessen[]

The events occur similar than to the anime, except that this time he is the main goalkeeper of All Europe Jr. Youth, and he did not play until U-13 Japan was able to score against his team.

Film sequels[]

He is also featured in the Captain Tsubasa film sequels:


Hefner ep103 (1983) 1

One-Handed Catch


  • One-Handed Catch: This special catch requires fast reflexes and good physical ability. The keeper stretches his arm out as far as possible to stop close-range shots with one hand.



  • Hefner is known as Otto Heffner in some European countries and Gustav Heffner in Germany.
  • Hefner is the non canon equivalent in the 1983 anime to Muller, since both were unbeatable and very capable goalkeepers, considered the #1 in Europe.



  1. His name is correctly transliterated as "Hefner" by fansubs, but he has been referred as "Heffner" outside Japan due to dubbed versions. His Japanese name, "ヘフナー", can refer to "Hefner" like Playboy's founder or "Höfner" like the German company, both written with the same katakana.

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