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For other versions of the character, see Hiroshi Jito (Tecmo) and Hiroshi Jito (RoNC).

Hiroshi Jito (次藤 洋, Jito Hiroshi) is a huge Defender of Japan.


He first appears in the Captain Tsubasa manga. For Japan, he wears the jersey #5.


Boys' Fight arc[]

Jito Sano ep30 (2018) 1.jpg

Jito was originally someone who liked to fight hand to hand, engaging into gang fights, seeking to face stronger opponents, getting fired up if his opponents prove their worth. However, he gets bored easily when said opponents become weakened, which can become a flaw since he lets his guard down. His friend, Mitsuru Sano, introduced him to Tsubasa Ozora, the number 1 football player in Japan, which made him take the decision of joining his school's soccer club. In his first duel against Tsubasa, he proved to be a terrifying rival thanks to his impressive size and his power; although he lost, he felt refreshed and decided to keep on playing football.

J Boys' Challenge arc[]

He joined Japan Jr. and played successfully as a defender (in a role that resembled the one of Takasugi), but with a more press zone capability as well as being able to do several combi plays not just with Sano but with the Tachibana twins as well.

Battle of World Youth arc[]

In World Youth, he was one of the 7 players who were forced to leave the team by Gamo, who said that Jito was too slow to be a soccer player. After leaving the camp, Jito participated in marathons in order to improved his speed, and when he returned to the team, he had completely corrected this weakness. During the match against Uruguay, he unfortunately scored an own goal, and was willing to pay for this mistake in blood (offering his back as an airborne platform for Hyuga's Raiju Shot, which would have seriously injured him), but Hyuga managed to score without causing him harm. Since Jito is a huge player, he always guards the other team's tallest player, as in the World Youth series he had to defend China's tallest member, Sho Hi, despite lack of jumping power.

Golden-23 / Rising Sun arcs[]

He is a member of the Japanese selection team in the U-22 category and for the Madrid Olympics tournament.

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  • His name is Victor Clifford in the Latin American dub, Clifford Yuma in the Spanish Dub and Hassan (حسن) in Arabic dub, while he is known as Clifford Young in the French Dub.
  • He is also known for a really firm handshake, as he almost crushed Tsubasa's hand when they first met.

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