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"J Boys' Challenge" (JBC) is the third story arc of the storyline of the Captain Tsubasa series. The third and final part of the original manga series after "Kids' Dream" and "Boys' Fight", this story arc has been adapted in the OVA Shin Captain Tsubasa and the first video game. The arc is also known as the "Jr. Youth arc" or "Jr. Youth Hen" (Jr.ユース編). These terms started to be used in the Shueisha Jump Remix (SJR) editions of Captain Tsubasa. JBC was first used in the 2006 SJR version.


After the last middle school tournament, the Japan team will compete in the International Jr. Youth football tournament that will take place in France.

Manga chapters that cover JBC[]

The chapters named here are how they were ordered and named in the original Tankobon and in the 2006 SJR. The Bunko, SJR and other versions may use a different chapter page length and name depending on the edition. Chapter number and name in the original tankobon has priority over other versions. For stories published outside the original Captain Tsubasa manga, the order established in 2006 SJR has priority over other versions.

No. Chapter name
85 "The start of a new challenge" (新たなる挑戦スタートの巻)
86 "Greetings from an old enemy" (旧敵へのあいさつの巻)
87 "A pro player" (プロの戦士!! の巻)
88 "Starting afresh from zero" (ゼロからの再出発の巻)
89 "Another strong player" (もうひとりの実力者の巻)
90 "Big gathering in Paris!!" (パリ大終結!! の巻)
91 "The great setting off" (大いなる旅立ちの巻)
92 "Perfect come back! Golden Combi" (完全復活! 黄金コンビ!! の巻)
93 "Oath in the starry sky" (星空の誓いの巻)
94 "Never give up" (ネバーギブアップの巻)
95 "The Young Noble's come back" (貴公子復活!! の巻)
96 "True colours of the fireball" (火の玉の正体の巻)
97 "Now, the phantom...!!" (幻が今…!! の巻)
98 "The war starts!! Japan vs France" (開戦!! 日本対フランスの巻)
99 "Attack of the Beautiful Beast" (美獣の来襲の巻)
100 "The last bet of Misaki" (岬の最後のかけの巻) [only in magazine and the first tankobon edition since in other editions the chapter is merged into the previous chapter]
101 "A bloodstained desperate defense" (血まみれの死守の巻)
102 "The miraculous fist" (奇跡をよぶ拳の巻)
103 "The lions of the final" (決勝の獅子たち! の巻) [in newer editions the chapter is divided in two, the first half keeping the name and the second part in a new chapter called "The storm of shoots" (シュートの嵐の巻)]
104 "Flaming first goal" (炎の先取点の巻)
105 "The strongest shoot in history" (史上最強のシュートの巻)
106 "Answer the message" (メッセージにこたえろ! の巻)
107 "The best of the world is appearing!?" (世界一がみえた!? の巻)
108 "An oath made to the sky" (大空への誓いの巻)
109 "Confessions!" (告白! の巻)
110 "Everyone's new start" (それぞれの旅立ちの巻)
111 "Tsubasa's dream" (翼への夢の巻)
112 "Towards a new era" (新しい時へ! の巻)
113 "Fly up with your wings" (翔び立つ翼の巻)
114 "Solitary departure" (ひとりきりの出発の巻)