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For the Rise of New Champions techniques of this character, see Jun Misugi (RoNC).
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This is the section about Jun Misugi's techniques in the Captain Tsubasa series.


  • Heart condition: Misugi's heart condition is a recurring problem in the series. In early arcs, it prevented him from playing full matches. As Misugi spent 3 years for rehabilitation prior to the Battle of World Youth arc, his condition improved, but it still remains a risk for him.
  • Balance: Misugi has a wonderful balance.
  • Leadership: Misugi can give good directives on the field, or even from the bench with hand signs. He can also give a pep talk to raise his teammates' morale and confidence.
  • Tactician: Misugi is capable of foreseeing the opponent by making several hand-sign strategies with his teammates. He used this ability from the bench on the Kids' Dream arc and later while playing against Hyuga on the Tokyo prefecture qualifier round (Boys' Fight arc).
  • Observation: Misugi has great observation abilities as he was not playing for most of the games while being benched in Boys' Fight arc. This is why Katagiri asked him to be Japan Jr. assistant coach for the J Boys' Challenge arc.


Dribbles and feints[]

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Misugi's footwork

  • Dribbling: The usage of technical maneuvers.
  • Footwork: Misugi has skillful footwork, which he can utilize to either keep the ball from an opponent or get past one opponent after another.
  • Lobbing Feint: Unnamed in the manga. Misugi sends the ball over an opponent with a soft touch of the foot, then takes it back behind him.
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Misugi's Drive Shot

Misugi Flying Drive Shot ch86 (RS)

Misugi's Flying Drive Shot

Ground shots[]

  • Drive Shot: Jun Misugi's special shot after his comeback for the World Youth, he's able to do the same shot as Tsubasa.
  • Flying Drive Shot: A special skill that improves further on the Drive Shot. This "Flying" technique can fall in any direction, not just straight down, but at a diagonal, making the ball harder to catch for most keepers. The ball doesn't lose momentum even when used to shoot from a tight angle.
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Misugi's Overhead

Misugi ep32 (2018) 2

Misugi's Tapped Diving Volley

Aerial shots[]

  • Overhead Kick: Misugi's specialty by shooting the ball in mid-air with the leg, similar to a header.
  • Diving Header: A technique used when the ball is low in the air. The user dives horizontally towards the ball and hits it with his head.
  • Jumping Volley: This is a way to shoot a ball directly in mid air with the leg, rather than using a header. He can perform this with either foot, even when he is predominantly right-footed.
  • Tapped Diving Volley: A technical shot used by Misugi. He scoops up the ball, steps back, and then unleashes a jumping volley. Appears in Rise of New Champions as the Sky Rocket Volley.


  • Drive Pass: The Drive Shot used as a pass.
  • Flying Drive Pass: The Flying Drive Shot used as a pass.
  • Loop Pass: A pass done in order to avoid an opponent by making the ball go over him, with a high, circular course.

Defensive techniques[]

  • Trick Tackle: As his opponent attempts to dribble past, he feigns an opening, and when his opponent takes the bait, he steals the ball with a perfectly aimed tackle.
  • Diving Clear: Misugi clears the ball with a Diving Header.
  • Skylab interception (with Jito): This special technique reappropriates the Skylab Hurricane for use intercepting shots. Jito serves as launch pad, allowing for even great jumping power. Can be used against passes made a distance away.
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Misugi's Team-Play Tackle

Cooperative tactics[]

  • Fast Break: A tactic in which all players join the attack and break through the opposition's defence with fast pass work. Similar to Furano's Avalanche Attack.
  • Offside Trap: A special tactic to make the opponent commit an offside offence by making the defense line go up with the right timing.
  • Team-Play Tackle: Misugi's strategic tackle. By using his teammates to constrict his opponent's path, he's able to effectively steal away the ball.