Juventus Football Club S.p.A. or Juventus FC (ユベントスFC, yubentosu FC), colloquially known as Juve, is a professional Italian football club in the city of Turin, Piedmont.


In both Battle of World Youth epilogue, during most part of the Road to 2002 saga, and in the 2001 Anime, Kojiro Hyuga was part of this team. The captain is Alessandro Delpi.

In the 2001 anime, due to author rights, the name was changed to FC Piemonte and the uniform changed from a black and white striped home kit shirt to a black shirt with white sleeves and collar and black sleeves stripes (almost similar to Toho Academy). The goalkeeper wears a similar uniform to the players' one, but being a black shirt with golden sleeves and collar and black sleeves stripes.



  • JuveHSS0001
    Home: White and black striped shirt with black hoops on sleeves with yellow squares on the center of the hoops and white polo collar with a black stripe, and Juventus logo, black shorts with white lines and yellow squares on sides and black socks. On the back of the shirts there is a black square to accomodate the names and numbers, which are white. On the yellow squares on the sleeves and on the shorts there is the CiaoWeb logo. The sponsors are Tele + and CiaoWeb. This color scheme is based on the uniform worn in the 2000-01 season.
  • Keeper: Light grey shirt with black collar and black panels under the sleeves, and Juventus logo, black shorts and white socks.

2001 Anime

  • Home: Black shirt with white polo collar, white shoulders and sleeves and black stripes on the shoulders, white shorts with black stripes and white socks with black top.
  • Keeper: The goalkeeper wears a black shirt with yellow sleeves and shoulders with black stripes on the sleeves, black shorts with black stripes and white socks with light blue top.

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Current squadEdit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Vaalen Voort Netherlands
5 DF Salvatore Gentile Italy
6 DF Dotor Croatia
7 DF Pessotta Italy
20 MF Tacchinardini Italy
21 MF Zedane France
23 MF Zambrocchi Italy
26 MF Davi Netherlands
9 FW Filippo Inzars Italy
10 FW Alessandro Delpi Captain Italy
11 FW Esnander Argentina
16 FW Komasevic Serbia
17 FW Tresaga France
19 FW Daniel Costa Uruguay
24 FW Marco Banchi Italy

Out on loanEdit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
18 FW Kojiro Hyuga (at AC Reggiana) Japan


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