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Kamacho (カマーチョ) is a Cameroonian forward introduced in the Tecmo game series.


Captain Tsubasa IV: Pro no Rival-tachi[]

His passion for football is one of the best in the world! He is the mainstay of the Cameroonian team. He will smash the opponent's goal net with his Draken Smash!
- Captain Tsubasa IV: Pro no Rival-tachi, the Complete Book of Secrets guide.

Kamacho was a representative of Cameroon in the routes that featured said team.


Name Available in Type Cost Unlock condition & other info
Draken Smash
IV Ground shot 290 Default.


  • In Captain Tsubasa V, there is a Frankfurt player who has the same name, appearance and position as Kamacho. However, since said player has no special moves or portrait, it is unknown whether the two players are one and the same or not.