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For his manga counterpart, see Karl Heinz Schneider.
For his game counterparts, see Karl Heinz Schneider (Tecmo) and Karl Heinz Schneider (RoNC).

Karl Heinz Schneider (カール・ハインツ・シュナイダー) is the captain, forward, and superstar player of U-13 Germany and All Europe Jr. Youth.


This Schneider is the 1983 series version, which is the non-canon version of the character. In daily life, Schneider is very sweet and kind. He even likes to stroll his breed dog. He has patience and sport class. However, once on the field, he can become very serious and even ruthless, especially if his team is in a pinch. Nevertheless, he is a very noble and dignified player.

Germany was introduced together with Karl Heinz Schneider earlier in the Captain Tsubasa 1983 anime with the fever dreams of the U-13 (Juveniles) tournament, the Europe Tournament OAV saga (1985-1986) and the Jr. World Cup (1986).


Compared to his his canon counterpart, he has shorter hair, with a small bang on the front and one on the back, similar to Robson. His hair is dark blonde and his eyes are blue. His height is similar to that of Kojiro in the Kids' Dream arc.



U-13 International Tournament arc[]

Schneider ep103 (1983) 0

Schneider vs. Tsubasa

After the Kids' Dream arc, in a special flash-back arc from the original anime series, Hyuga, Matsuyama and the Nankatsu gang were remembering the moments a little time after Nankatsu achieved their victory for the Elementary School Tournament in Japan. Thanks for the preparations made by Katagiri, the U-13 Japan team was created in order (with Tsubasa as the captain) to compete in the U-13 International Jr. tournament held in both France and West Germany.

There, Schneider is captain of the U-13 West Germany team and carries the number 10, being already prepared for the U-13 Jr. World Cup to be held in his country. All of his shoots, similar to his canon counterpart, many shots from him were untouchable.

Schneider was already a super star from whom Genzo had great admiration of even before his journey into Europe with Coach Mikami to become a goalkeeper in Hamburger SV Jr. When Hyuga panicked as he got benched after not being a team player in the match against U-13 England and Steve, he went to Cologne (U-13 Germany training camp) to defy Schneider himself.

Hyuga wanted to prove his football skills against European standards. He challenged Schneider in Ms. Kaori Matsumoto and went to the training ground. He challenged him sincerely. He accepted. He said that first he had to beat Hefner by scoring a goal. Despite all Hyuga's might, he could not score any goal at all. Later on, Schneider asked two players to be goalkeepers together with Hefner and was able to use his power shot, volley shots and top-spin overhead kick against all of them. All goals were scored. In the match against U-13 Japan, Schneider score two goals against Wakashimazu and later his power shot was not able to beat Wakabayashi since he closed his eyes and predicted the direction of the shot and then Japan manage to tie U-13 West Germany 2:2 and both team resulted champions of the Tournament.

Film series[]

Europa Daikessen (film)[]

In this arc series, he leads All Europe Jr. and also carries the number 10, having as teammates the keeper Hefner, the defense Montgomery and the midfielder Elle Sid Pierre.

In the first movie, he had a special shot that had a great speed, strenght and even dazzled Wakashimazu, allowing him to score U-13 Japan 2:1. Similar to the Anime, on the second half-time of the match, Wayabayashi decided to close his eyes, predicting the direction of the shot (which had a top-spin effect) and allowing Tsubasa to counterattack and score against Hefner and win the match.

Ayaushi! Zen Nippon Jr. (film) arc[]

U-14 Japan Jr. vs

U-14 Japan vs U-14 Europe

In the second movie, a year after the previous match, the plot now involves the middle-school All Japan Jr. facing an All-star Europe Jr. team, in a return match between the two, as Schneider wanted to redeem himself from his previous loss. Schneider was able to develop a special shot called the "Mirage Ball" (AKA "Illusion Shot"), making some trouble against his rival S.G.G.K. Wakabayashi.

Sekai Daikessen! Jr. World Cup (film) arc[]

In the third movie, this is a sequel to the previous movie two years later, in a return match between All Japan Jr. and All Europe Jr. just after the tournament between Toho Academy and Nankatsu in Boys' Fight Arc. However, All-Europe Jr. did not face directly All Japan Jr. but instead just had a practice match against Musashi (as seen in a flash-back). At the end of the practice match between all All Japan Jr. regulars and some substitutes, Schneider left a message to Misaki from Europe, saying that Japan will not defeat All-Europe Jr., they will not be humilliated again.

In the final and fourth movie, Schneider and All-Europe Jr. were defeated by All-South America Jr. by a slow margin due to Juan Diaz and Ramon Victorino's abilities against goalkeeper Hefner who could not stop their power shots.

Continuity in the series[]

This Schneider is exclusively for the anime, as Schneider would have to know Tsubasa Ozora and the U-13 Japan team on their arrival in Hamburg city before the U-16 World Cup (JBC) and behave accordingly. This explains why manga, anime and OVA are unrelated.


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