Katarina Karen, is the childhood friend and fiance of Stefan Levin. After the National Tournament in Sweden they were supposed to get married and build a life together in Cologne, Germany.

World Youth Saga Synopsis Edit

Katarina Karen first appeared in the World Youth Chapter 56.

From Stefan Levin's memories we learned of her tragic death due to a car accident a year prior to the World Youth championship and at the same time that Levin won the National Tournament in Sweden. Katarina Karen had a habit of visiting a statue of a maiden goddess, located in a park in the suburbs of Stokholm, before each of Levin´s matches. The statue is believed to grand everyones wishes and Karen always wished for two things: that Levin would be protected from injuries and that his team would be victorious. Afterwards she would hurry to go and see her fiances match.

The park with the statue is right next to a big road with heavy traffic. On the day of her death Katarina Karen was already a little late for Levin's game and hurried across that road. She then became the victim of a hit-and-run car accident and was rushed to the hospital where Levin hurried to her bedside. Katarina Karen adressed her last words to him "Your dream... realize it. Become the best soccer player in the world..." and then succumbed to her injuries.

Katarina Karens influence on the Swedish National team Edit

While the Swedish Junior Youth team idolized Karen and planned on dedicating a victory in the World Youth tournament to her memory, Levin felt personally responsible for the death of his beloved fiance. From now on he always carried a pendant with her picture around his neck and seemed never quite able to forget her or the accident.

In chapter 59 of the World Youth Saga its because of Shellie's repeated shouts and Tomeya Akai's will to sacrifice his life to prevent Levin from getting a goal for Levin to finally understand that with his current playstyle he was not living up to Karen's memory and his promise made to her. When he realized this the pendant with his former fiance's picture fell to the ground in the middle of a game. In chapter 60 Levin remembered Karen as an always kind-hearted and thoughtful person who couldn´t even kill an insect and that she admired Levin's ability to enjoy soccer so much. He then finally retrieves his former self and his love for soccer.