Kazuki Sorimachi (反町 一樹, Sorimachi Kazuki) is a Vissel Kobe footballer who rose to prominence during his days at the Toho Academy high school and the Toho Academy middle school playing alongside Kojiro Hyuga and Takeshi Sawada, appearing for the first time during the Boys' Fight story arc.

Description Edit

Sorimachi is best known to be a two-top forward with Hyuga in Boys' Fight arc, even as far as to replace Hyuga as striker while he was gone and do combination play with Takeshi. He has later being seen as substitute forward for All Japan Jr. Youth, All Japan Youth and Olympic Japan.

Sorimachi's design is very similar to Taro Misaki, except for his eyes and hair color, which are darker in the anime, his skin is a bit more tan, and his personality traits are a bit tougher and less delicate.


Boys' Fight arc Edit

As Hyuga was not allowed to play in the middle school tournament, Sorimachi had to play as the ace striker to lead the team to the final. Although his shots are not really deadly (a normal Tiger Shot is twice as powerful as his goal shots, as shown in the first game when a frustrated Hyuga tried a Tiger Shot behind the substitutes' tent, made a dent and reached goal before Sorimatchi's trapping volley), he is good at scoring, since many assistances are made by Takeshi Sawada, Toho middle school's gamemaker.

J Boys' Challenge arc Edit

After the 16th National middle school tournament, Sorimachi was selected as a member of All Japan Jr. Youth by Tatsuo Mikami. He went through the training camp, and became a member of the All Japan Jr. Youth. Then, he participated as a regular only on the European tour prior to the International Jr. Youth Tournament. He was a regular in the friendly match against Hamburger SV.

During the international tournament, he acted as a substitute player and was used twice. In the semifinals of the International Jr. World Cup against France Jr. Youth, he was uses as an starting member and then replaced during the match for one of the Tachibana twins. He, together with the Japanese National Team, eventually became junior world champion after beating West Germany Jr. Youth.

Battle of World Youth saga Edit

Sorimachi, like his companions Hyuga, Wakashimazu and Takeshi, attended the Toho Academy high school, being able to obtain a V3 in all national high school tournaments. In the finals of the high school tournament against Nankatsu high school (playing against gamemaker Misaki and captain Ryo Ishizaki) he was the one who scored the tying goal for Toho after an assistance by Hyuga.

He was a substitute member of the All Japan Youth (U-20 national team).

Road to 2002 saga Edit

In Road to 2002, he signed a contract with the club Vissel Kobe in the J1 League.

Golden-23 / Rising Sun Edit

To be updated as series progresses.

Techniques and AbilitiesEdit

Shooting techniquesEdit

  • Diving Head
  • Direct Jumping Volley

Individual PlayEdit

  • Dribble

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Trivia Edit

  • He was named John Michael in the Latin American dub and Eddie Brikes in Europe. He was named Michael Sorimachi in USA.
  • He has a great physical resemblance with Misaki, only with a bit more rough nature and his forward player position. In 2018 anime, he was depicted to be left-footed.

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