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For the Rise of New Champions section of this character, see Kazuki Sorimachi (RoNC).
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This is the section about Kazuki Sorimachi's techniques, during the Captain Tsubasa series.


Aerial shots[]

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Jumping Header

  • Diving Header: This diving header shot is used when the ball is low in the air. Moving at a high-speed while also hitting the ball accurately requires a significant amount of skill.
  • Jumping Header: The player heads the ball while it's high in the air. This technique requires that the player possesses sufficient skill to keep his balance in mid-air while accurately hitting the ball.

Ground shots[]

  • Bullet Shot: The player puts his whole weight behind this intense and powerful shot, which has a distinctive low and sharp bullet-like trajectory.
  • Precise Shot: A highly controlled shot with a precise trajectory. The emphasis is on the trajectory, making the ball difficult for the keeper to catch, rather than on the shot's power.


  • Feinting Dribble: This technical dribble uses feints to get past opponents. The player uses left and right feints to throw his opponents off-balance as he dribbles past them.
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Strong Pass


  • Strong Pass: This powerful pass travels at a high speed with a sharp trajectory, making it difficult to intercept.
  • Precise Pass: This pass uses a precise kick that travels at a trajectory that makes it difficult for defenders to intercept.
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Toho Striker Combination

Cooperative tactics[]

  • One-Two: Sorimachi's speciality. He passes to his teammate who then quickly returns the ball back to him with one touch. This kind of pass is used to try and break down crowded defences and is sometimes known as a wall pass. In the match against Thailand Youth, he was the one who perfectly coordinated with Tsubasa in this kind of play.
  • Toho Striker Combination: The Hyuga-Sorimachi combination skill, the top duo of Toho Academy. Hyuga unleashes a powerful Tiger Pass, then Sorimachi jumps in with a Diving Header, slamming the ball toward the goal.
  • Toho Trinity: A passing technique used by the Toho Trinity―Hyuga, Sawada, and Sorimachi. The top three players slice through their opponent's defences with perfectly synchronized plays.

Game exclusive[]