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Keita Hara (原 慶太, Hara Keita) is a midfielder introduced in Captain Tsubasa ZERO - Kimero! Miracle Shot.


Keita Hara was a childhood friend of Hanji Urabe and Ao Sakuma, and also their teammate in Nishigaoka. He played as an attacking midfielder. After learning that Mamoru Izawa was going to play in their practice match against Shutetsu's B-Team, he and his two childhood friends worked hard to perfect the Nishigaoka Trio, a cooperative play in which three players work together to keep Izawa at bay.

During the practice match, the Nishigaoka Trio did a good job at holding Izawa down, but the team was unable to go on the offensive as their best scorer, Sakuma, had switched to a defensive position. Realizing that they would just be tired out and concede if this kept up, Urabe decided to attack alone after stealing the ball from Izawa during the last minutes, and eventually scored. As Nishigaoka had beaten the B-Team, Genzo Wakabayashi kept his promise and allowed them to play against their A-Team. Nishigaoka put up a good fight, but still lost in the end[1].


Name Type Description
Nishigaoka Trio[2]
Tackle A three-person team maneuver used to steal the ball.
Swift Cut[3]
Intercept Swiftly stealing the ball.


  1. Revealed in the Yamabuki side story.
  2. Usable by any non-GK player gameplay-wise, despite what the name suggests.
  3. Usable by any non-GK player gameplay-wise.