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Kids' Dream (子供夢編), or Elementary School Arc (小学生編), is the first storyline arc of the Captain Tsubasa series.


The name Kids' Dream or "KD" started to be used in the Shueisha Jump Remix (SJR) editions of Captain Tsubasa. Its first use was in the 2006 SJR version.

KD is the first part of the original manga series, this story arc has been adapted in all four existent anime TV series (1983 to 2018), and seen in flash-backs on Shin Captain Tsubasa.



Tsubasa Ozora is a young Japanese elementary school student who is deeply in love with football and dreams of one day winning the FIFA World Cup for Japan. He lives together with his mother in Japan, while his father is a seafaring captain who travels around the world.

Tsubasa is known as the "Soccer no Moshigo" which translates as "heaven-sent child of football". When he was only barely a year old, he was almost run over by a rushing bus while playing with a football ball. However, Tsubasa had held the ball in front of him which served as a cushion for most of the impact. The force of the bump blew him away, but he was able to right himself over again with the ball. Hence, Tsubasa's motto of "the ball is my friend". Ever since he was little, he always went out with a football. His mother concludes that he was indeed born only to play football. At a very young age, Tsubasa already has amazing speed, stamina, dribbling skills and shooting power, astounding anyone who sees him play.

At the beginning of the story, both of them move to the city of Nankatsu, a town well-known for their talented school football teams, and where Tsubasa meets Ryo Ishizaki, a football-loving young student who often sneaks out from his mother's public baths and chores in order to play football, Sanae Nakazawa (also known as Anego), a young enthusiastic girl who also loves football and helps cheer the Nankatsu Elementary team on, and Genzo Wakabayashi, a highly talented young goalkeeper whom he soon challenges to a game in Nankatsu's annual Sports Festival. He also meets Roberto Hongo, one of the best Brazilian football players, who is a friend of Tsubasa's father, and who arrives in Japan and starts living with Tsubasa and his mother. Roberto becomes a mentor to Tsubasa and helps him to harness his football skills, convincing him to join Nankatsu Elementary and its fledgling football team, which Roberto coaches later as he passes his techniques onto Tsubasa.

Tsubasa also meets Taro Misaki, who has travelled around Japan due to his father's job and soon joins Nankatsu elementary school, and the two become the best of friends in both the pitch and real life, forming a partnership soon to be renowned as the "Golden Combi" of Nankatsu. With this powerful combination, Nankatsu really became a fierceful opponent against Shutetsu and Tsubasa became the sole player in Nankatsu city to have ever scored against Wakabayashi.

Nankatsu SC (2018) 0.jpg

Shizuoka Prefecture qualifier tournament[]

In preparations for the national juveniles tournament, Nankatsu SC is formed among the best players of Nankatsu city schools: Nankatsu elementary, Shutetsu institute, Nishigaoka, Yamabuki and Mizukoshi, who were selected for the entrance exams.

At first, the captain is Wakabayashi from Shutetsu, but he is injured from an accident on a friendly match against Matsukawa elementary school and later on his efforts with Shimizu FC in a preliminary group match of the Shizuoka region tournament and, from that moment on, Tsubasa Ozora from Nankatsu elementary, the star of the team, became the captain, and he demonstrated a great leadership in leading the team. Nankatsu SC struggled in playing from behind, as shown against Shimada FC when they struggled to play without Tsubasa's help and tried too hard to shoot over the Shimada SC defensive wall.

Yomiuriland national junior tournament[]

Kids Dream arc (2018) 2.jpg

In order to win the National Juveniles Tournament cup against fierce opponents such as Hanawa FC, Musashi FC and Meiwa FC. Soon Tsubasa and his Nankatsu SC team start improving after a first loss against Kojiro Hyuga. They were able to beat Hanawa FC against all odds and then other powerful players in the knockout stage such as Taichi Nakanishi from Naniwa FC, Jun Misugi from Musashi FC and later on they have to face the newcomer karate keeper Ken Wakashimazu who became a regular in Meiwa FC strengthening the defense for the Meiwa Combi of Takeshi and Kojiro to attack and be able to score against Wakabayashi.

After the tournament, Tsubasa fulfills his goal of becoming the best player in Japanese elementary school category, but Roberto breaks his promise to take him to Brazil, instead leaving his personal book annotations as a gift to help Tsubasa aim for his goal to become a pro football player in the future, specially since he some main teachings: rely and trust teamwork, enjoy football as a philosophy and his powerful Drive Shot technique.

Boku wa Misaki Taro[]

After Nankatsu SC wins the tournament against Meiwa FC, the last part of the Kids' Dream arc includes the Boku wa Misaki Taro (1984) special, where it is explained what happened to Misaki when travelling to Kyushu and his decision to go to Paris with Ichiro Misaki after changing his mind in staying with his biological mother and his little half sister.

Manga chapters that cover KD[]

The chapters named here are how they were ordered and named in the original Tankobon and in the 2006 SJR. The Bunko, SJR and other versions use a different chapter page length and name depending on the edition. Chapter number and name in the original tankobon has priority over other versions. For stories published outside the original Captain Tsubasa manga, the order established in 2006 SJR has priority over other versions.

No. Chapter name
1 "Soar toward the great sky!" (大空にはばたけ! の巻)
2 "Take flight!" (とんだっ! の巻)
3 "New Nankatsu football club, start!" (ニュー南葛小サッカー部スタートの巻)
4 "The great responsibility of the football club" (責任重大サッカー部の巻)
ES "Memories" [unconfirmed order]
5 "Tsubasa the sweeper!" (スイーパー翼! の巻)
6 "Fate's long shoot" (運命のロングシュートの巻)
7 "I am Taro Misaki" (ボクは岬太郎の巻)
8 "Invigorating last scene" (さわやかな幕切れの巻)
9 "Roberto's surprising request" (ロベルトの意外な申し出の巻)
10 "Kojiro's appearance" (小次郎あらわるの巻)
11 "Everyone's new trip" (それぞれの旅立ちの巻)
12 "A surprisingly difficult match" (思わぬ苦戦の巻)
13 "Game maker Tsubasa" (ゲームメーカー翼の巻)
14 "Who is that girl?" (あの子はだーれ?の巻)
15 "Now it's the entire country!" (さあ 全国だ! の巻)
16 "The new captain, Tsubasa" (新キャプテン翼の巻)
17 "Drawing of lots' mischief" (抽選のいたずらの巻)
18 "Burn Nankatsu! To beat Meiwa!!" (燃えろ南葛! 明和を倒せ!! の巻)
19 "The fierce tiger's terrible counter attack" (おそるべき猛虎の逆襲の巻)
20 "You must not fear your friend, the ball!" (ボールはともだち こわくない! の巻)
21 "I can't lose because it's my dream!" (夢だから負けない! の巻)
22 "The unexpected ambush" (意外な伏兵の巻)
23 "Show your talent! Football child" (本領発揮だ! サッカー小僧の巻)
24 "Ishizaki's big mistake!" (石崎の大チョンボ! の巻)
25 "Last 4 minutes! Decisive battle in the air" (のこり4分! 空中決戦の巻)
26 "Now let's go! The decisive tournament" (さあ いくぞ! 決勝トーナメントの巻)
27 "Ace of glass Jun Misugi" (ガラスのエースJUN MISUGIの巻)
28 "Fierce fight! Meiwa vs. Furano" (激闘! 明和VS.ふらのの巻)
29 "Dream confrontation's kick off!" (夢の対決 さあ キックオフ! の巻)
30 "Musashi's secret plan" (武蔵の秘策の巻)
31 "Tsubasa can't fly" (飛べない翼の巻)
32 "Ace rebirth!!" (エース復活!! の巻)
33 "Challenge to his life's longevity!" (延命への挑戦! の巻) [renamed "Challenge to fate!" (運命への挑戦! の巻) in newer editions and merged with the following chapter]
34 "It won't be my farewell match!!" (さよならゲームにしたくない!! の巻) [only in magazine and the first tankobon since in other editions the previous chapter has all the content of this one]
35 "Now to the finals!!" (いざ決勝戦!! の巻)
36 "Genius keeper's return" (天才キーパー復活の巻)
37 "Unexpected goal" (思わぬゴール! の巻) [renamed "Wakashimazu's wall isn't torn!!" (若島津のカベが破れない!! の巻) in some editions and where the content is split into the next chapter]
38 "Elimination of an ace" (エース失格!?の巻) [in some editions it starts with content from the previous chapter]
39 "Half-time's end" (最後のハーフタイムの巻)
40 "Tenacity, definitely tenacity" (執念…まさに執念!! の巻)
41 "We'll do it!" (おれたちがやるんだ!! の巻)
42 "Blazing counter attack" (炎のカウンターアタックの巻)
43 "The Last of the Last One Chance!" (最後の最後のワンチャンス! の巻)
44 "Extra time's kick off" (延長戦キックオフの巻) [in some editions, part of its content is split into a following chapter titled "Illusionary goal" (幻のゴールの巻)]
45 "Will to fight for victory" (勝利への闘志!! の巻)
46 "Defend! Nankatsu" (守れ! 南葛の巻) [only in magazine and the first tankobon since in other editions the previous chapter has all the content of this one]
47 "The last Golden Combi play" (最後の黄金コンビプレイの巻)
48 "Moment of Glory" (栄光の瞬間の巻)
49 "Sudden good-bye" (突然のサヨナラの巻)
50 "Everyone's setting off" (それぞれの旅立ちの巻)
ES "Endless dream" [unconfirmed order]
ES "I am Taro Misaki" (ボクは岬太郎)