Kodai Ozora (大空 広大, ōzora kōdai), also known as Mr. Ozora or Captain Ozora,[1] is the father of Tsubasa and Daichi and husband of Natsuko.


Kodai works as a Sea captain and is away most of the time, so the boys are raised mostly by their mother. Daichi was born sometime after Tsubasa left Japan. He is very good friend of Roberto Hongo and even prevented a suicide attempt of him. Captain Ozora even went so far as to recommend Roberto to go to see a famous Ophthalmologist in Japan in the city of Nankatsu. There, Roberto in return of Kodai's help and letting him stay as a guest in the Ozora residence, he became a mentor and teacher of Tsubasa in order for the latter to develop and polish his natural football talents and learn the basics to become a future pro football player.


He is described as tall, thin man with black mustache. He has a tanned color skin but Tsubasa inherited his spiky dark hair (except for the 2018 anime where Tsubasa's hair is brown) and his "die-or-try" expression in order to surpass difficulties since both are captains and/or leaders of their respective occupations.


Kids' Dream arcEdit

Kodai returned in the 7th episode when Nankatsu elementary school and Shutetsu are nearly at half time.

Other appearancesEdit

He has appeared several times during the series except for the Boys' Fight arc, even in the U-13 International Tournament filler arc (arriving for the finals of U-13 Japan and U-13 West Germany with Natsuko and Sanae), and in Shin Captain Tsubasa observing his older son making his début as captain of All Japan Jr. Youth.


Trivia Edit

In 2018 anime, Kodai does make an appearance for the Boy's Fight Arc when he is sure that Tsubasa's Portuguese is enough to hold basic conversations. Both Natsuko and him are also certain that they can send Tsubasa to Brazil after he is finished with middle school as they received much support from National Football Federation.


  1. Fans used to commonly mistaken him as "Captain Tsubasa", since Ozora (大空) is the surname and written first in Japanese names, so Kodai is truly "Captain Ozora" while his son is the truly "Captain Tsubasa" of the series.