Koji Nishio (西尾 浩司, Nishio Koji) is a minor character of the Captain Tsubasa series whose role was more prominent during the Kids' Dream story arc. He wears the number "3" jersey.


Nishio took part in the selection test of the Nankatsu city selection team, and quickly drew attention from coach Tadashi Shiroyama. He then became a regular defender, until getting injured, and being replaced by Ishizaki.

In junior high, Nishio didn't join Nankatsu and followed Urabe to the soccer team of Otomo. Like the other, he went through harsh training to be able to beat Tsubasa. He, along with Hanji Urabe, Takeshi Kishida and Masao Nakayama, formed the Otomo Quartet. Although they progressed much, they still lost the match against Nankatsu, despite putting up a good fight. After that, he joined Urabe in supporting Nankatsu in the national tournament.

Later on, the Otomo Quartet took the High School exams and entered Nankatsu high school once more.

Nishio was never selected in the national team. It is unknown if he joined a club in J-League or not.

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  • Otomo Quartet

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  • His name is Jorge in the Latin American dub and Franky Gilbert in some European countries.

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