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For other versions of this character, see Kojiro Hyuga (RoNC) and Kojiro Hyuga (Tecmo).

Kojiro Hyuga (日向 小次郎, Hyuga Kojiro) is a major character of the whole Captain Tsubasa series, known as the "Fierce Tiger" of Japan.


Hyuga first appeared on Captain Tsubasa (1981) chapter 10, named "Kojiro's Appearance". He wears jersey #10 for Meiwa and Toho and #9 for Japan.


Kojiro has shown to be one of the best players in Japanese football, having obtained a V-4 championship for Toho Academy High and is the Japanese National Team ace striker. He is currently playing for AC Reggiana in Italy Serie B.

Initially, Hyuga showed as a person usually cold-hearted and reckless, due to his upbringing without part of his childhood dealing with his father's loss. To these, he used to be very arrogant most of the time. He was once famous because of his roughness and many players were scared of him. But to the people who are important as his family and Takeshi (later also Tsubasa and other fellow teammates) he is very nice and empathetic. He tries to cheer up the Japan team when Tsubasa is injured and cannot play. Kojiro is very ambitious and full of self-confidence, which can sometimes be very positive. If he has set a goal, he risks everything. The well-being of his fellow-men goes beyond everything, he thinks more of others than of himself. Takeshi and Ken are probably his best friends because he would never let them down.

In Rise of New Champions

Hyuga, because he is usually untamed and wild is called Fierce Tiger (Moko). But he can also be laid back and calm like the relationship he has with his younger brothers, and friends from the Saitama hometown, where he used to help his family by doing several part-time jobs. This rough but caring personality is how he behaves when he is with Maki Akamine, his first love and current girlfriend.

Kojiro's dream and goal is to become the world's best ace striker. His devotion to football and his persistence to shoot the goal is outstanding.

Overseas Fierce Fights arc in Calcio[]

This arc focuses on Japanese players performance in Italy and the important day on the finals of the Italian Serie C tournament. It is for the teams of both Kojiro and Shingo, the AC Reggiana and FC Albese respectively, for the rise in Serie B. After a hard match with two goals from Bobang and Shingo, Reggiana brings down Albese 3:2 with a Raiju Shot from Kojiro, being able to make a hat-trick, and winning the series C1 as first place. Due to UC Albinoleffe's defeat against Ravenna, Shingo's FC Albese was able to obtain second place so both teams are promoted to the Serie B.

Rising Sun arc[]

Hyuga is placed as a two-top forward together with his long-time teammate Wakashimazu, forming the Meiwa Combi, the desired combi from coach Kozo Kira, being able not only to coordinate their play, but being able to use the Twin Shot as well. In the match against Olympic Mexico, Tsubasa, Kojiro, and Shingo made a vow to score a victory goal in the first half so as to prove they are worth to be Japanese Olympic players since they were concentrated in winning their respective European league tournaments.


His first given name, Kojiro, comes from the swordsman Sasaki Kojiro who died in a duel against Miyamoto Musashi (which is a reminder of Mizushima Musashi, the first football player who inspired Tsubasa). Hyuga, on the other hand, is the name of an ancient part of Kyushu.


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  • He's the only rival of Tsubasa who had defeated the latter in a match.
    Hyuga Cola ep36 (2018).jpg
  • His favorite drink is Coca-Cola, while it was revealed at U-20. It was prematurely revealed in the 2018 anime (episodes 36 and 39, or 8th and 11th episode of Boys' Fight, which is two arcs before the reveal).
  • Before befriending Tsubasa in the J Boys' Challenge arc, he was created to be the main antagonist to Tsubasa: Hyuga wears black and Tsubasa white, his strong and raw playstyle is the opposite of Tsubasa's clean and technical feats due to his name, the swordsman Sasaki Kojiro.
  • In the 2018 series, he worked with collecting Strong Tiger (Moko) sake bottles to distributors.
  • His name is Steve Hyuga in previous Latin American dub versions and Mark Lenders in some European countries. His name is Bassam in the Arabic dub. In the Persian dub, Kojiro's name is changed into Kakero.
  • He makes a cameo appearance in episode 5 from Rosario + Vampire
  • In the 2001 series, the voice actor for Hyuga's younger self boy was Rica Matsumoto, who later gained fame for the voice of Satoshi (Ash Ketchum) in the Japanese version of Pokémon.
  • Hyuga's adult voice in the 2002 series was Takehito Koyasu, who (rather curiously) had voiced a character that had been inspired by Hyuga: Takuto Izumi from the shoujo anime Zetsuai/Bronze.
  • He often helps out in lifting goods to fruit or seafood markets in exchange for groceries, this is partly why he is physically stronger than most elementary and middle schoolers.
  • In the 2018 TV series, due to technological advances, he is able to tap his mobile phone to pay for drinks on vending machines. But the machines still accept cash.


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