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Lecce (レッチェ) is an Italian professional club that appeared in the Tecmo game series.


In Captain Tsubasa V, Tsubasa Ozora joined this team.


Prior to the events in Captain Tsubasa V, Lecce managed to get the promotion to Serie A.

Tsubasa joined this team at some point before the beginning of the Calcio Festa '94 qualifying round. Here, some players didn't put their trust in him, a non-Italian player, especially Carnevale, who detested Tsubasa for taking up a player spot from his fellow buddy from the original Serie B team. The captain Mancini was the only one to recognize Tsubasa's abilities at this point.

Slowly, the opinion of Lecce's players about Tsubasa became better. And eventually, after the match against Inter, Tsubasa was fully accepted by Carnevale and the others. Later, Lecce becomes the champion of the Calcio Festa '94 after defeating Parma in the finals.


Captain Tsubasa V: Hasha no Shogo Campione[]

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Bruno Italy
2 DF Bartolomeo Italy
3 DF Cesare Italy
4 DF Patrizio Italy
5 MF Michele Italy
6 MF Mose Italy
7 MF Mancini Captain Italy
8 MF Nicola Italy
9 FW Beniamino Italy
10 MF Tsubasa Ozora Japan
11 FW Carnevale Italy
No. Pos. Player Nat.
12 GK Otello Italy
13 DF Domenico Italy
14 MF Terenzio Italy
15 MF Apollo Italy
16 FW Aronne Italy


  • Unnamed coach