Louis Napoleon (ルイ・ナポレオン, rui naporeon) is a forward and ace striker of France. He wears the numbers "9" and "20".


Louis Napoleon is considered the ace of France and is also a regular for the Olympic team.

His specialty, the Cannon Shot, is a shot with a special rotation effect. Together with Elle Sid Pierre, they form a powerful combi play, called the "Eiffel Tower attack".


Louis Napoleon is extremely hotheaded and arrogant. However, he is an excellent striker and also has good passwork. His bad temper reflected in a less than good reputation in the past (being suspended for his violent behavior), and he even quarrels with another hotheaded player, Makoto Soda.


J Boys' Challenge arcEdit

Prior to the International Jr. Youth Tournament

Napoleon is a hotheaded player with a bad reputation of being forced to leave 3 times in 2 weeks because of his violent behavior. His first appearance is when Taro Misaki decides to challenge the whole France Jr. Youth. While confronting Pierre, Misaki almost loses the ball. However Napoleon jumps in, helping Misaki get past with a one-two return. After that they keep using their passwork to get past the rest of the team before scoring. As Pierre asks Misaki about Napoleon, the latter performs his Cannon Shot, which shocks the others.

Napoleon only joins France Jr. just one day before the tournament.

International Jr. Youth Tournament

France's first match in the tournament is against England. Napoleon is put on the bench, much to his annoyance. On the field, England give France a hard time, even manage to score first. After a while, France's coach Carbonara has to put Napoleon in. As he enters, he takes the ball from England, then leaves it in front of Pierre, saying that Pierre just need to pass to him in the match. He scores a hattrick with Pierre being the one doing all 3 assists, giving France a 3-1 victory.

France easily win their second group match against Malaysia, with Napoleon scoing another hattrick.

Their opponent in the semifinal is Japan. Napoleon's first action is chasing Tsubasa as the latter dribbles towards France's goal. He manages to catch up thanks to his speed, but Tsubasa does a backpass before Napoleon's tackle reach him. Japan score the opening goal.

As Napoleon has the ball from the following kick-off, Pierre asks him to do a backpass. He does so, but the tackle from his marker, Makoto Soda, hits his pivot leg. Because of that, Napoleon starts a fight with Soda, just as Pierre equalizes. Both him and Soda got a yellow card for their actions, and Pierre hits Napoleon, saying that as they are fighting for France's honor, and everyone's strength is needed, he won't allow that kind of behavior.

Later, Pierre steals the ball and pass to Napoleon. He jumps, but can't do a header as Soda's elbow hits his face while jumping. Soda gets another yellow card and is sent off, while France are awarded a penalty kick, which Pierre succeeds.

As the match resumes, Napoleon does a violent shoulder charge on Misaki and take the ball, but Hyuga reclaims it with a fierce tackle. Hyuga then manages to get the ball in France's goal, but he is ruled offside. France quickly continue the match as Japan is protesting, and after Bossi's shot is repelled by Wakashimazu, Napoleon picks up the ball and scores.

Napoleon soon gets another chance with a header, but Wakashimazu catches it. Nevertheless, as the referee makes some advantageous decision for France, the first half ends with France leading 3-1.

Japan score a goal at the start of the second half. As Napoleon receives the ball from Pierre, he gets past Mamoru Izawa by force before unleashing his Cannon Shot. Wakashimazu defends, but can't catch the ball. Bossi quickly puts the loose ball in the goal, but since Napoleon's play against Izawa is ruled as a foul, the goal isn't allowed.

The next time Napoleon gets the ball, he's caught in Japan's Offside Trap. Japan scores the tying goal after the following free kick. When there are ten minutes left, Pierre and Napoleon performs their Eiffel Tower Attack. As they reach the goal, Napoleon does a Cannon Shot. Even though Wakashimazu deflects the ball onto the crossbar, Pierre still manages to put the repelled ball into the goal.

Napoleon manages to block a Drive Shot from Tsubasa in the remaining time. Despite that, Misaki still scores for Japan just before time is up. Neither side manages to score during extra time, forcing the game to go into the PK shootout. Ultimately, Napoleon fails the fifth kick against Wakashimazu, and France loses 4-5 in the shootout.

Battle of World Youth Edit

As the decision of the World Youth being held in Japan is made official, Napoleon is seen hearing Pierre playing a tune on his piano in his room. Pierre stops abruptly in the middle though, and when Napoleon asks, he says he will complete the music, named "Field of Dreams", after France win the World Youth.

France finish second in the group stage, only losing to Brazil. They face Netherlands in the quarterfinal, but lose 1-3.

Rising SunEdit

Louis Napoleon, together with Elle Sid Pierre are regular members of Olympic France, participating in the knockout stage of the Madrid Olympics Tournament.

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Techniques and Abilities Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • His name, Louis Napoleon, is a reference to Napoleon III, the Emperor of the Second French Empire.
  • In the Italian dub of Shin Captain Tsubasa, his name was changed to "Napoleon Ferrer", but when the 2001 anime was dubbed, his original name was retained.