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Makoto Soda (早田 誠, Soda Makoto) is a defender from Japan, known as the "Ace Killer" and "Kamisori Fighter".

Description[edit | edit source]

Makoto Soda first appeared in Captain Tsubasa. He comes from the Osaka prefecture. He wears the jersey #7.

He's a fearsome player which as much as a raw and violent physical power as Hyuga, using his skills in order to injure people with tackles without the referee's knowledge, if necessary. He is quite fast and he tends to put effects on his balls when he passes or shoots. A bit like Hyuga and Napoleon, he is an impulsive person and can get into a fight with someone, he was given a warning by the match referee before the first match of the nationals, and later Napoleon uses this to his advantage to get him expulsed in the J Boys' Challenge.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Boys' Fight arc[edit | edit source]

In the Osaka qualifier tournament, he scored the winning goal against Taichi Nakanishi with his almost unbeatable Kamisori Shot, which has a horizontal top-spin effect that can trick many Japanese keepers.

In Rise of New Champions

After a Toto Sports magazine interview to Katagiri, where the scout stated that he was eager to find a "rival for Tsubasa", Soda himself was mad about this and was ready to defeat the Nankatsu captain.

In the match between Nankatsu and Azumaichi, he gave Tsubasa a hard time and even injured Tsubasa's leg. However Nankatsu still managed to win since Tsubasa is clever enough to change tactic and, when it seems he's about to shoot at the Azumaichi's goal zone some point, instead makes a pass to Shingo Takasugi, who scores with a header.

Aftewards, he changes his aggressive behavior to a more easygoing attitude, proving that he is only a raw fighter while on field, a fact that Tsubasa could understand after ending the match.

J Boys' Challenge arc[edit | edit source]

Makoto Soda was also chosen as a member of the All Japan Jr. Youth, to participate in the Internation Jr. Youth Tournament. In the match against France, he has been sent off by receiving 2 yellow cards while marking Napoleon.

Battle of World Youth arc[edit | edit source]

In the World Youth, he did not join the J-League after high school to focus on the national team, because of the two defeats in friendly matches against Netherlands Youth. However he was casted away by coach Minato Gamo, since his football had only one pattern. After that, he went through his training and came back with his soccer improved, therefore he was able to play the 2nd round of the Asian preliminaries.

Road to 2002 arc[edit | edit source]

In Road to 2002, he joined Gamba Osaka.

Golden-23 / Rising Sun arc[edit | edit source]

In Golden-23 and Rising Sun, he is one of the defenders of Japan.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In his first match against Tsubasa, Soda said that he had tried the Drive Shot before but couldn't do it at the young age. However even when he grew up, it seemed that he had given up on the Drive Shot, as he hadn't been practicing this shoot anymore.
  • In the 2018 anime, he was wearing yellow cleats.
  • His name is Guillermo Peterson in the Latin American dub and Ralph Peterson in Europe and Hayan (حيان) in Arabic dub.

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