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Mazzantini (マッツァンティーニ, mattsantīni) is an Italian athletic trainer and fitness coach of Juventus FC.


He's a character who first appeared in Road to 2002, chapter 11.


Road to 2002 arc[]

He had a clash with Kojiro Hyuga since he showed an analysis proving that he has a poor body balance, only his right leg was strong enough to pass the tests. After a match against Parma (which marked Hyuga's debut), Monetti commended Mazz to take care of Hyuga's flaw.

During that season, Hyuga had to do an extremely training in order to meet the requirements, but, in the end, he was out on loan for AC Reggiana, since he had to improve his skills for at least one season. Nonetheless, Kojiro recovered his senses and accepted the challenge in order to obtain his full potential. The Japanese striker promised Mazzantini to send him a pizza for every goal he scores.

Later on, Mazzantini had a phone call from Hyuga, after being sent three special pizzas for the three first goals he made in his debut on AC Reggiana.

Kaigai Gekito Hen in Calcio[]

In the first chapters of the manga, some time later has passed since the Road to 2002 arc special. Mazzantini asked Hyuga by phone call to stop sending him big pizzas but do some small and low-carb ones, as a "special" request from his wife.

Decisive match: Reggiana vs Albese chapter

In a flashback, Mazzantini paid a visit to Hyuga in order to make a new medical check on him. He was indeed surprised for Hyuga's improvement, thanks to his notes and even the special training he made with heavy metal chains attached to his body. He said that "though it isn't perfect yet, somewhat it is honestly becoming the body of a giocatore". Before leaving (since he was not there by permission), he congratulated Hyuga for his efforts, which made the "Fierce Tiger" have a small drop of happiness, finally telling him to hurry up to come back to Juventus as a regular member.

During the match between Albese and Reggiana, Hyuga is able to surpass even shoulder charges from two opponents at once, then falling to the field and keeping his offensive play, which make Mazzantini more than pleased, really confirming Hyuga's proof of progress.


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