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Meiwa FC (明和FC) is an elementary school team from Saitama, the first team where Kojiro Hyuga and Takeshi Sawada played as team captains.


Meiwa is the main opponent team of Nankatsu SC at the 6th Yomiuri Land National junior tournament. Kojiro Hyuga works as the "defacto" captain but Takeshi Sawada wears the captain armband.


Strategically, they play a branched out 4-4-2, which resembles a 4-3-1-2, with Sawada used as a lone attacking midfielder, and Hyuga being more upfront than Sawaki. Both center backs are deeper towards the goalkeeper than the left and right backs. They supposedly play a "Win At All Costs" strategy, but Sawada and Hyuga carry most of the offensive load. Once Hyuga realized that he can depend on his teammates, he deploys an all-out slide tackle pincer attack to try and snatch the ball from attackers.

Uniforms Edit

Meiwa FC home (DT)


  • First colour: Black shirt with no collar and white 明和 kanji, black shorts and black socks with three white stripes on top.
  • Second colour: This is the uniform Meiwa wears during the whole Saitama qualifier tournament and Local city matches. Silver shirt with long collar and black 明和 kanji, white shorts and white socks.
  • Keeper: Both Yuji Kawaguchi and Ken Wakashimazu have different versions. Kawaguchi has a pale blue shirt jersey with black 明和 kanji, black shorts, black socks with three white stripes on top. Wakashimazu's uniform is a red jersey with white 明和 kanji, bronze pants with three black vertical stripes, and white socks with three black stripes on top.


  • 1983 anime: Blue shirt with yellow "M" logo with round collar, blue shorts and white socks with a blue stripe on top. The keeper wears a yellow shirt with black trackpants with a white stripe and white socks (Wakashimazu) or a pale blue shirt with bordeaux shorts and white socks with a blue stripe on top (Kawaguchi).
  • Captain Tsubasa J: Jet black uniform with an amber "m" logo and numbers and white collar, jet black socks with white stripes on top. The keeper wears a lillac shirt with white collar, burgundy trackpants and white socks with a burgundy stripe on top (Wakashimazu) or a light purple shirt and white collar with dark blue shorts and dark blue socks and white stripe on top (Kawaguchi). The numbers are featured also in left leg of the shorts.
  • 2001 anime: Jet black shirt and white "m" logo, with jet black shorts and jet black socks with three white stripes on top. The keeper wears a yellow shirt with black trackpants with three white stripes and white socks (Wakashimazu) or a dark gold shirt with black collar, black shorts and black socks with three stripes (Kawaguchi).
Meiwa Higashi home (DT)
  • 2018 anime: They first use the Second colour version (which is identical to the Meiwa Higashi MS uniform except for having a round collar and without the 東 kanji) during the local and national tournament qualifier stages. Then, for the 6th Yomiuri Land tournament, they wear the First colour version as in the manga. The captain (Sawada) has a yellow armband.
  • Keeper: Likewise, Yuji's uniform is green jersey with black polo collar with black 明和 kanji, with black shorts and silver socks with three black stripes on top; he uses yellow-orange gloves with light yellow trim. Wakashimazu's version is amber jersey with black 明和 kanji with round collar, dark charcoal trackpants with white horizontal stripes, and silver socks with three black stripes on top; he uses violet-red gloves with dark charcoal trim, and a chinese white coloured cap.


Kids' Dream arcEdit

During the preliminary rounds, Hyuga's teammates have problems with his more "soldier" rough play style, so Hyuga bails the team and went on to test his abilities to super stars Genzo Wakabayashi from Nankatsu and Jun Misugi from Musashi, only being successful in the former. Later on, in order to be victorious in the Saitama's National qualifier round finals, Hyuga accepted to be the Ace striker of the team once more only with the condition that Meiwa's teammates do not reject his playstyle anymore and follow him to be merciless with the opponents while playing Football. Thanks to Hyuga and Sawada the team made it to Yomiuri Land, winning 4-3.

Takeshi Sawada is the vice captain and acting captain in and out of games because Hyuga refuses to wear captain's armband[1]. In this National cup they were put under the same group as Nankatsu SC. They defeated Nankatsu in the opening match, and then drew against Hanawa FC on purpose in order to eliminate Nankatsu at this early stage. However that plan didn't work, since Nankatsu beat Hanawa in the last match of the group stage. From then, Meiwa won all of their match to advance to the finals, where they faced Nankatsu again. This time, they ended up losing, and Tsubasa assured to defeat them 2:4 so as to surpass their previous defeat in number of goals taken.


6th Yomiuriland national junior tournamentEdit

Saitana prefecture tournament

  • [Semifinal] ○ Meiwa FC 4 - 3 Nanbu FC ●
  • [Final] ○ Meiwa FC 10 - 0 Minamiurawa ●

Final tournament

Group stage

Knockout stage

  • ○ Meiwa FC 10 - 0 Maebashi ●
  • [Quarterfinal] ○ Meiwa FC 5 - 1 Kasai ●
  • [Semifinal] ○ Meiwa FC 3 - 2 Furano FC
  • [Final] ● Meiwa FC 2 - 4 Nankatsu SC ○ (aet)

8th Yomiuriland national junior tournamentEdit

  • [Final] ● Meiwa FC lost to Nankatsu SC ○

Squad Edit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Yuji Kawaguchi Japan
2 DF Toshiyuki Takagi Japan
3 DF Motoharu Nagano Japan
4 DF Hiroshi Ishii Japan
5 DF Keiji Kawagoe Japan
6 MF Shinichi Sakamoto Japan
7 MF Kazushige Enomoto Japan
8 MF Hiromichi Hori Japan
15 MF Takeshi Sawada Japan
10 FW Kojiro Hyuga Captain Japan
11 FW Noboru Sawaki Japan
13 FW Nakamoto[2] Japan
14 MF Koyama[3] Japan
17 GK Ken Wakashimazu Japan

Former playersEdit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
?? MF Taro Misaki Japan



  • Meiwa's name is Colegio Francocanadiense in the Latin American dub and Muppet in Spain and some European countries.

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  1. As shown in Captain Tsubasa (2018 anime) episode 13-14.
  2. Substitute player; he was replaced by Kojiro Hyuga in Captain Tsubasa (2018 TV series) ep. 11.
  3. Substitute player; he was replaced by Takeshi Sawada in Captain Tsubasa (2018 TV series) ep. 11.

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