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Meiwa Higashi middle school (明和東中学, Meiwa Higashi chūgaku) is a middle school located in Saitama. They took part in the 16th Middle School National Championship.


The team's captain is Kuniaki Narita, who was unfamiliar to Hyuga's playstyle, while Noboru Sawaki and most of the other members of the squad were former Meiwa FC members and familiar to Kozo Kira's teachings.

Meiwa Higashi went all the way to the semi finals, where they faced their former teammates Takeshi Sawada and Ken Wakashimazu. Kojiro Hyuga was benched because he abandoned his squad. Meiwa Higashi scored due to the Sliding Tackle Force, and Sawaki was the last one to tap it in. But they ended up losing because Kazuki Sorimachi and Wakashimazu both scored the winning goals.


Home Away Keeper
Meiwa Higashi home (DT)
Meiwa Higashi away (DT)
Meiwa Higashi gk (DT)


  • Home: Navy blue shirt with no collar and white 明和東 kanji, white shorts and navy blue socks with three white stripes on top. This uniform greatly resembles the Meiwa FC 2018 anime version in the Saitama Perfecture qualifier tournament.
  • Keeper: Silver shirt with no collar and black 明和東 kanji, with black shorts, three white side stripes and white socks.
  • Keeper (Tatakae Dream Team): Black uniform and two white shoulder stripes, white collar and white vertical chest line and white 明和東 kanji, with black shorts, two white side stripes and black socks.


  • 1983 anime: Blue shirt with no collar and yellow "M" emblem, blue shorts and white socks with a blue stripe on top. The goalkeeper wears a grey shirt with dark blue shorts and same socks as the other players.
  • 2018 anime: To be updated as series progresses.


16th National middle school tournamentEdit

Final tournament

  • [Quarterfinal] ○ Meiwa Higashi 2 - 0 Kanamura ●
  • [Semifinal] ● Meiwa Higashi 1 - 2 Toho Academy


Current squadEdit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Tetsuji Murasawa Japan
2 DF Keiji Kawagoe Japan
3 DF Motoharu Nagano Japan
4 DF Hiroshi Ishii Japan
5 DF Toshiyuki Takagi Japan
6 MF Masato Sakamoto Japan
7 MF Kazushige Enomoto Japan
8 MF Hiromichi Hori Japan
9 FW Noboru Sawaki Japan
10 MF Kuniaki Narita Captain Japan
11 FW Yuichi Suenaga Japan

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