Mitsuru Sano (佐野 滿, Sano Mitsuru) is an attacking midfielder of Japan, and also a forward in Hirado middle school. He wears the number "16" jersey.


Sano S2 (2018) 1
Jito and Sano are the total opposite of each other, Jito is large built and has a defensive sweeper strength, while Sano is small and nimble and has great ball keep. He and Jito form the Hirado Combi. Sano was a substitute player for either the Tachibana twins or Shun Nitta when needed on the Japanese National Team (Japan Jr., Japan Youth or U-22 Japan).

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  • His name is Rigo Winter in the Latin American dub and Sandy Winters in some European countries.
  • He shares his name with a character from Kamen Rider Ryuki, Mitsuru Sano.
  • He shows great sense of balance even away from the pitch, as shown when he challenged Nankatsu middle school by standing on the ledge of the stadium seats, where the rest of the team, including the managers were sitting.

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