Nankatsu elementary school (南葛・小学校, Nankatsu shōgakkō) refers to the Nankatsu City's Nankatsu Elementary School Football Club (南葛市立南葛小学校サッカー部, Nankatsu Shiritsu Nankatsu Shogakko Soccer Bu), a kids' football club from the Nankatsu City's public school from Shizuoka prefecture.


This school appeared in the elementary school chapters of the Captain Tsubasa manga series. The captain is Ryo Ishizaki. The team achievement, after the inclusion of Tsubasa Ozora was to be the first team to score against Genzo Wakabayashi, and having three members chosen for Nankatsu SC.

Nankatsu ES home (DT)

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  • Home: Nankatsu elementary and Nankatsu SC uniforms are not the same team, which could be confusing, but despite that, the home colour uniforms are basically the same, with just small differences such as the logo which is a black 南葛 kanji, whereas the "SC" one is azure. The uniform is plain white, with two thick and thin azure parallel stripes (as opposed to the three stripes of "SC"), round collar, white shorts with two stripes, white socks with azure stripes on top.
  • Keeper:The keeper uniform is blue with reverse colors from the players one on top, with long sleeves and the black 南葛 kanji. The rest of the uniform is practically the same, white shorts and white socks with two azure parallel stripes.


  • 1983, 1994 and 2001 anime: In all versions, the logo tends to change from either black to azure kanji or the stripes (Manga, 1994 anime, Road to 2002 and 2018 anime).
  • 2018 anime: White jersey with the black 南葛 kanji and the two thick and thin parallel stripes remain the same as in the manga.


The Nankatsu elementary school was a public school with poor or almost no knowledge of soccer or strength. Before Tsubasa's arrival, the team was known only as a riveting team, as they lost all their games, (such as 30:0 against Shutetsu) or always giving up before tournaments as a matter of course.

This changed with the arrival of soccer prodigy Tsubasa Ozora, who joined Nankatsu to compete against S.G.G.K. Genzo Wakabayashi in order to obtain the Nankatsu soccer field back for the school on a fair duel. Tsubasa dribbled all the Shutetsu substitute team in order to do a jumping header towards Genzo's goal, but could not score and the ball bounced on the goal post. Then, a mysterious man came abruptly and centered the ball and Tsubasa did a diving header, being faster than Genzo and being able to score.

The mysterious man turned out to be Roberto Hongo, a former superstar player of the Brazil national team and a friend of Kodai Ozora, Tsubasa's father. After observing the duel, Roberto was impressed with Tsubasa and became his mentor. Also, Roberto offered himself as coach for the Nankatsu soccer team. After some days of hard training and winning the first friendly match match against Nishigaoka with Tsubasa, the team gained new confidence. Roberto trained the team and helped them in an unconventional way to improve their skills and their game, since the team should "make friends" with the soccer ball, played with it everywhere and not separating from it as well. Roberto gave the Nankatsu team (sauf Tsubasa) the necessary self-confidence to finally take on the juveniles national champion.

After both Nankatsu and Shutetsu schools were tied 120:120 points at the Nankatsu City's 26th school tournament on all sport disciplines, it was Nankatsu soccer club to make a difference this time. The first half-time was successful since Tsubasa stayed at defending the goal against the Shutetsu Trio while Ishizaki played as gamemaker. On the second half-time, Tsubasa finally went as a forward in order to fulfill the challenge from Genzo and both teams then tied 1:1, with a difficult help from Nankatsu to surpass the "Torikago" strategy from Shutetsu, and Ishizaki made a "do or die trying" pass so that Tsubasa shot Genzo's goal and did an "Off the Bar Overhead Kick" (mastering the first technique Roberto indirectly taught him).

On the extra time, since there was a need for a substitute for an injured Ishizaki, Taro Misaki appeared, since he registered for Nankatsu public school, only to be told that everyone, including the principle, went out to watch a football match between the two schools. When he arrived there, he managed to play the extra time game for Nankatsu, replacing Ishizaki, who was injured in the match. That day, the Golden combi between Tsubasa and Misaki was created.

Finally, The game against Shutetsu ends with a decent draw for both Nankatsu and Shutetsu and so their goal was to beat Shutetsu at the next qualifier for the national tournament. During the game, the newly arrived Taro Misaki joined the team. To adapt to the high level of juveniles football for the 6th Yomiuri Land National Tournament, the Nankatsu City Selection Team (Nankatsu SC) was formed. Misaki, Tsubasa and Ishizaki were the only players prepared enough to qualify.


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Inter-school tournament Edit

  • Δ Nankatsu 2 - 2 Shutetsu Δ 2: 2 after extra time (in Super Kickers 1: 1, extra time not available)

Others Edit

  • Δ Nankatsu ? - ? Shutetsu Δ (Farewell match) (aet)[1]
  • Δ All-stars Nankatsu ? - ? All-stars Shutetsu Δ (Farewell match) (aet)[1]

Squad Edit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Akira Tsuboi[2] Japan
2 DF Masato Nakazato Japan
3 DF Hiroshi Nagano Japan
4 DF Manabu Okawa Japan
5 MF Sukumu Sakurai Japan
6 MF Tsuyoshi Oda Japan
7 MF Kenichi Iwami Japan
8 MF Shota Minowa Japan
9 MF Yutaka Murashige Japan
10 MF Tsubasa Ozora[3] Japan
11 DF Ryo Ishizaki Captain Japan
11/16 MF Taro Misaki[4] Japan



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  1. 1.0 1.1 Final score unknown.
  2. All names as confirmed in Captain Tsubasa 2018 anime, episode 03.
  3. When Roberto had Tsubasa to start off as a centre-back/sweeper against Shutetsu, he was anchoring the defensive half of the field, and making line calls to move the defensive line.
  4. Misaki was Ishizaki's substitute player since he was registered for Nankatsu School Soccer Club just before the match between Nankatsu school and Shutetsu institute.

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