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Nankatsu middle school (南葛・中学, Nankatsu chūgaku) is the Nankatsu junior high football club from Shizuoka city.

Description[edit | edit source]

With the lead of Tsubasa Ozora, managing to obtain the V-3 by winning three consecutive competitions, and winning also the MVP titles in such tournaments.

Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Home Away Keeper
Nankatsu MS home (DT).png
Nankatsu MS away (DT).png
Nankatsu MS gk (DT).png

Manga[edit | edit source]

  • Home: White uniform w/ three azure stripes and the Nankatsu azure kanji. The captain's armband is blue-white-blue.
  • Away: Red jersey with leaf green collar and the Nankatsu kanji, with white shorts and red socks with three leaf green stripes on top. This uniform was heavily inspired in Diego Armando Maradona's away uniform when playing for SSC Napoli for the 1984 season.
  • Keeper: Orange jersey and white collar and white sleeve cuffs, and the Nankatsu kanji, with black shorts and white socks.

Anime[edit | edit source]

1983 anime

Tsubasa - Away Jersey (CTJ).jpg

  • Home: White jersey w/ one red stripe and the "N" green and yellow logo, blue numbers on the back, white shorts with one red stripe, with white socks and one thick red stripe.
  • Keeper: Azure shirt with red shorts with a white stripe on each side and the same socks as the other players.

1994 anime

  • Home: It is the manga away color version combined with the Japan (Tecmo) version (white polo collar), with white white stripes on sleeves and a black "N" logo.
  • Keeper: Blue jersey with yellow collar and yellow stripes on sleeves, yellow shorts with blue stripes and blue socks with one yellow stripe. The captain armband is light blue.

2001 anime

  • Home: White jersey w/ two thick azure stripes and a grey and blue "N" logo on a silver rectangle, with white shorts and two thick azure stripes, with white socks and azure stripes.
  • Keeper: Blue shirt with white collar and a white "N" logo, black shorts with a blue stripe on each side and white socks.

2018 anime

  • Home: The white and azure uniform kit form the original manga. The captain armband is blue-white-blue.
  • Away: The red and green uniform kit form the original manga.
  • Keeper: The first uniform is the red orange uniform kit from original manga. Second uniform has its changed into a green top.

Results[edit | edit source]

Previous Tournaments[edit | edit source]

14th National tournament

15th National tournament

16th National tournament[edit | edit source]

Nankatsu MS (DT) 1.png

  • Strengthening matches
  • ○ Nankatsu 5 - 0 Kida ●

Tokai District Soccer Festival

Shizuoka prefecture tournament

  • ○ Nankatsu 6 - 0 Ito
  • ○ Nankatsu 3 - 0 Kawane ●
  • ○ Nankatsu 7 - 1 Hamanaka ●
  • [Quarterfinal] ○ Nankatsu 4 - 0 Ootaichi ●
  • [Semifinal] ○ Nankatsu 5 - 1 Okabe
  • [Final] ○ Nankatsu 3 - 1 Otomo

Final tournament

  • [Quarterfinal] ○ Nankatsu 4 - 3 Hirado
  • [Semifinal] ○ Nankatsu 3 - 2 Furano
  • [Final] Δ Nankatsu 4 - 4 Toho Academy Δ (aet)

17th National tournament[edit | edit source]

Shizuoka prefecture tournament
In the following season, all Nankatsu Middle School players had to drop the team since they were preparing for the final examinations to be accepted into Nankatsu Public high school. Only Tsubasa was a temporarily aid for the Nankatsu's coach for the six-month period prior to his flight to Brazil. The team, consisting of Tsubasa's underclassmen, lost against Shun Nitta's Otomo during the Shizuoka prefecture qualification round.

  • ● Nankatsu lost against Otomo ○

Squad[edit | edit source]

Nankatsu middle school's 4-3-3 formation

Izawa switches position with Tsubasa to be center midfielder in the match against Otomo

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Yuzo Morisaki Japan.png
2 DF Masato Nakazato Japan.png
3 FW Hiroshi Nagano Japan.png
4 DF Tsuyoshi Oda Japan.png
5 MF Kenichi Iwami Japan.png
6 DF Shingo Takasugi Japan.png
7 FW Hajime Taki Japan.png
No. Pos. Player Nat.
8 MF Mamoru Izawa Japan.png
9 FW Teppei Kisugi Japan.png
10 MF Tsubasa Ozora Captain Japan.png
14 DF Ryo Ishizaki Japan.png
15 DF Manabu Okawa Japan.png
18 DF Shogo Yamamori [1] Japan.png

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Main article: Nankatsu middle school/Gallery

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. He was benched during the whole tournament. In the 1983 anime and the original manga he was going to be Tsubasa's replacement during the finals against Toho.
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