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Nishikigaoka middle school (錦ヶ丘 中学校, Nishikigaoka chūgakkō) is the Kanagawa prefecture representative at the 16th National middle school tournament.


Boys' Fight arcEdit

Nishikigaoka middle school qualified to the 16th middle school tournament as Kanagawa Prefecture champion. After winning against Ozumi middle school 3-1 in the first round, the team played against Nankatsu middle school in the second round. Despite the absence of Tsubasa Ozora in the match, Nankatsu managed to defeat Nishigaoka 6-0, thus eliminating them from the tournament.



  • Home: White and navy blue shirt with white collar and three white shoulder stripes, with navy blue shorts with three white stripes and white socks.


1983 anime

  • Home: Red and black jersey with white long sleeved collar and a black shoulder strap, with red short with a black stripe and red socks with black stripe. In the anime the emblem is the "NFC" script in black letters on the right side of the shirt.

2018 anime

  • Home: This uniform is a redesign for the 2018 version. A charcoal grey jersey and long sleeved collar, with chartreuse chest and white back number, with charcoal shorts with a black stripe and chartreuse socks. This version omits the "NFC" logo.
  • Keeper: A blue purple jersey, with white long sleeved collar, three white thin stripes on shoulders, grey shorts and blue purple socks. The keeper uses violet-red gloves with white trim.

Result Edit

16th National middle school tournamentEdit

Final tournament

  • ○ Nishikigaoka 3-1 Ozumi ●
  • ● Nishikigaoka 0-6 Nankatsu


There is no information about the players of this team in the manga. The captain is Ryuji Amamiya.

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Taiyo Iwanami Japan
2 DF Kazuhito Yamaguchi Japan
3 DF Seiji Nozaki Japan
4 MF Takashi Jinbo Japan
5 MF Hirohisa Shirota Japan
6 DF Ryusuke Nishikawa Japan
7 FW Noriyasu Nakayama Japan
8 DF Yoshihito Kashi Japan
9 FW Hiro Chizaki Japan
10 MF Ryuji Amamiya Captain Japan
11 FW Akihiro Okumura Japan



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