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Olympic Japan (日本オリンピック代表, Nippon Orinpikku Daihyō) is the team that represents Japan in the Madrid Olympics Tournament.


Olympic Japan is a team which consists of 18 squad members[1], 4 backup members and 1 assistant back member. The captain is Tsubasa Ozora.

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Madrid Olympics TournamentEdit

Olympic Japan members

The chosen 23.

Rising Sun 04

Group stage

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Madrid Olympics TournamentEdit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Genzo Wakabayashi Japan
2 DF Gakuto Igawa Japan
4 DF Ryo Ishizaki Japan
5 DF Hiroshi Jito Japan
6 FW Hajime Taki Japan
7 DF Makoto Soda Japan
8 MF Mamoru Izawa Japan
9 FW Kojiro Hyuga Japan
10 MF Tsubasa Ozora Captain Japan
11 MF Taro Misaki Japan
12 MF Hikaru Matsuyama Japan
13 FW Kazuki Sorimachi Japan
14 DF Jun Misugi Japan
15 MF Takeshi Sawada Japan
16 MF Mitsuru Sano Japan
17 FW [2] Ken Wakashimazu Japan
18 FW Shun Nitta Japan
19 FW Teppei Kisugi Japan
20 MF Shingo Aoi Japan
21 GK Yuzo Morisaki Japan
22 DF Yuji Soga Japan
23 DF Hanji Urabe Japan
24 FW Kazumasa Oda Japan


New Formation

Olympic Japan New Formation

Olympic Japan formation against Germany.

Against the tall Margus and the strong Schneider from Olympic Germany, and due to Jito's injuries and Misugi's less good physique for this game, the formation was greatly changed to a 4-4-2.

This formation has the particularity of including as starters the newcomers Igawa and Soga for the first time in the defense and Misugi has being changed position to the right side (he is no longer the libero). Now Matsuyama has being changed as midfielder with Tsubasa as center pivot, and Aoi and Misaki for the sides. This time, the tall Wakashimazu is replacing the fast Nitta as two-top with Hyuga.

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  1. Chosen among 33 players both from J-League and Overseas teams by Kira Kozo.
  2. Wakashimazu now acts as an exclusive forward.

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