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Overseas Fierce Fights (OFF) arc is the seventh story arc of the storyline of the Captain Tsubasa series. It covers the overseas players events during the "Golden-23" arc.

This arc is subdivided into two events: Captain Tsubasa: Kaigai Gekito Hen in Calcio - Hi Izuru Kuni no Giocatore and Captain Tsubasa: Kaigai Gekito Hen en La Liga.


Overseas Fierce Fight in Calcio[]

This story is focused on the efforts of Kojiro Hyuga with AC Reggiana against Shingo Aoi with FC Albese to win the Serie C in Italy

Overseas fierce fight en La Liga[]

Tsubasa's promotional image of "En La Liga"

This story is focused on Tsubasa Ozora's second El Clásico with Barcelona against Natureza's Real Madrid in Spain.

Manga chapters that cover OFF[]

The chapters listed here are how they were ordered and named in the original tankobon. The bunko, Shueisha Jump Remix and other editions to be published in the future may use a different chapter division, page length and name depending on the version. Chapter number and name in the original tankobon has priority over other versions.

In Calcio[]

No. Chapter name
1 "Clash in a foreign country!!" (異国での激突!!)
2 "Respective pride" (それぞれのプライド!!)
3 "Never ending progress" (終わらない成長)
4 "Facing the risk!!" (リスクを冒せ!!)
5 "Unshakable strength" (揺るがぬ強さ)
6 "The end of the frustrations" (挫折の果てに)
7 "Well trained balance" (鍛え上げたバランス)
8 "Further progress!!" (さらなる成長!!)
9 "Changing the flow" (変化する流れ)
10 "Decided to take part in the attack!!" (決意の攻撃参加!!)
11 "Signal fire of the counterattack!!" (反撃の狼煙!!)
12 "Fighting spirit won't yield" (譲らぬ闘志)
13 "Aoi non stop!!" (葵ノンストップ!!)
14 "The last goal" (最後の一点)
15 "Belief" (信じる心)
16 "Offense and defense aren't ceding" (譲らぬ攻防)
17 "Our Giocatori's promise" (ジョカトーレたちの約束) [originally writen ジョカトーレ達の約束 in magazine]
18 "A general offensive with all of their might" (渾身の総攻撃)
19 "Last choice" (最後の選択)
20 "Last chance" (ラストチャンス!!)
21 "Last play!!" (ラストプレイ!!)
22 "Ace's proof" (エースの証明)
23 "Roaring lightning!!" (うなる稲妻!!)
24 "New sunrise" (新たな日の出)

En La Liga[]

No. Chapter name
1 "Premises of fierce fight" (激闘の予感)
2 "A man showing miracles" (奇跡をみせる男)
3 "Completely away" (絶対的アウェイ)
4 "White terror" (白い恐怖)
5 "Lightning speed!!" (電光石火!!)
6 "Relentless attack defense" (譲らぬ攻防)
7 "Unpredictable shot!!" (予測外シュート!!)
8 "Third time lucky!!" (三度目の正直!!)
9 "Double volante!!" (Wボランチ!!)
10 "The premonition to the initiative" (先制への予感) [originally named "Presentiment" (予感) in magazine]
11 "Inner voice" (内なる声)
12 "The ideal of Barca" (バルサの理想) [originally named "Ideal football" (理想のサッカー) in magazine]
13 "Prologue to a counterattack!!" (反撃への序章!!)
14 "Amazing physical abilities" (驚異の身体能力)
15 "Progress of each rival" (成長しあうライバル)
16 "Determination to stand firm!!" (退かない決意!!) [originally named "Decided to not step back!!" (下がらぬ決意!!) in magazine]
17 "The highest 2 on 1" (最高の2対1!!)
18 "Fragrance of danger" (危険な香り)
19 "The stage for 2 people" (2人の舞台) [written 二人の舞台 in magazine]
20 "Two people whom lead each other" (導き合う2人) [originally named "Men leading each other" (導き合う男たち) in magazine]
21 "Those possessed by football" (サッカーに魅入られし者たち) [written サッカーに魅入られた者たち in magazine]
22 "Submarine assault!!" (サブマリン急襲!!)
23 "Resilient captainship" (屈せぬキャプンテンシー)
24 "The critical offense defense" (瀬戸際の攻防)
25 "Desire towards football" (サッカーへの想い)
26 "Cohesion growing!!" (高まる結束力!!) [originally named "Increasing team strength!!" (高まるチーム力!!) in magazine]
27 "Getting closer to an ideal form" (近づく理想形)
28 "King of football" (王者のサッカー)
29 "Phantasmagorical attack" (変幻自在の攻撃) [originally named "Raging wave of attack" (怒涛の攻め) in magazine]
30 "Foreseeing each other!!" (読みあい!!)
31 "Goal to goal" (ゴールトゥゴール)
32 "Miraculous riposte!!" (奇跡の応酬!!)
33 "The passion that did not disappear" (消えることなき情熱)
34 "Don't lose to heavy pressure" (負けられぬ重圧)
35 "Entrusting hopes" (託された思い)
36 "Impact and fantasy" (衝撃とファンタジー)
37 "Invisible power" (見えない力) [originally named "Critical offense defense" (瀬戸際の攻防) in magazine]
38 "Tenacity for victory" (勝利への執念)
39 "Long distance counter!!" (長距離カウンター!!)
40 "The first effort" (初めての努力)
41 "Getting over the wall" (乗り越えた壁)
42 "Don't feel depressed" (くじけぬ気持ち)
43 "The trial of the world's best" (世界一への試練)
44 "The light to reversal" (逆転への光)
45 "Growing impatient" (つのる焦り)
46 "Assuming a risk" (リスクを背負え) [originally named "Tenacity for victory" (勝利への執念) in magazine]
47 "The last attack!!" (最後の攻撃!!)
48 "The set-up was ready" (用意された布石)
49 "2 hawks" (2羽の鷹)
50 "Tenacious shot" (執念のシュート)
51 "Former self" (かつての自分)
52 "Last play!!" (ラストプレイ!!)
53 "Innocent blow!!" (無心の一撃!!)
54 "Aftertaste of the fierce fight!!" (激戦の余韻!!)
55 "The way to the championship" (優勝への道)
56 "Teacher and student confrontation!!" (師弟対決!!)
57 "First place battle line" (首位戦線) [originally named "Leaders' battle line" (優勝戦線) in magazine]
58 "Angel's impact" (天使の衝撃) ["Conclusion"]